Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

In my spare nanoseconds

I'll have a more complete follow-up on Consonance tonight - my notes are at home, along with the program guide. But some comments while I have a spare nanosecond before lunch.

Except for figmo (aka Lynn Gold), and programming chaircreature Seanan McGuire, there was a disappointing lack of actual filk in the concerts. More on Lynn's tonight, because it deserves a detailed glowing review. Others used the concerts to showcase non-filk original numbers. I'm not such a purist that I don't want to hear a song or two of non-filk, but it shouldn't be the majority.

Also disappointing is the overwhelming amount of fantasy-related filk, as opposed to sci-fi. Mostly because those people are BORING. The tunes are monotonous and the verses go on forever and nobody seems to have discovered the concept of a bridge, or even A-B-A form. They mostly amount to bad campfire songs. And they love to use names of obscure characters from books I would never have read.

Leslie Fish called in sick. I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand, Leslie's songs are (deservedly) legendary, and she's quite entertaining, in between bouts of foul language. On the other hand, she smokes like a Pennsylvania coal factory, and insists on inflicting her addiction on those around her.

They never did get the schedule up on the web page. If I was sure I was going to be here next year, I would volunteer to do the web site. But I may be living in Phuket by then.

The con suite food layout just got better and better.

The open filk rooms stayed as empty as ever.

There were no screaming infants, and parents were good about containing the noise for the handful of children present.

The hotel is conveniently across the street from Milpitas Square, and my favorite Ranch 99 market, so I bought some produce there at one of the breaks.

Nanosecond is over. Feed me!

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