Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

4th Monday

It feels like this whole week has been Mondays, and not in a good way. Very tiring.

Work today was a summer festival. Trying to make another loop work for a script, but something is making it stop after the first iteration. Automation guy was out using his too many hours of PTO, so I was stuck. A barrage of bugs were filed by a new guy who is in the field engineering department, against a feature I'm in charge of testing. I don't know where he is from, maybe Eastern Europe, but his English is horrible, his logic is worse and he provides a lot of information, but he misses all the obvious things, including the steps to reproduce the problem.

Lunch was at the new McD's, which was pretty crowded with unemployed people with laptops hogging all the AC outlets. Fine with me, since laptops are not meant to be on AC all the time, and my battery is good for 4+ hours.

Got a message from Amtrak that my train leaves SJC about 20 minutes earlier than it used to. Looking online, that just took effect Monday. Tuesday's train was an hour late getting into SEA...

After work I went to Costco for gas, there was almost no line. $3.50/gal is not a big bargain, and I think people are back to commuting instead of taking trips. Got some groceries too. Now I have snacks for the train trip. Costco does not sell Peter Paul Mounds (they sell the almond kind with the faux chocolate) so I ordered an 18-pack online.

Home, started processing the latest set of slides. Took a break after about 100, it was getting late and I wanted to make scallops for dinner. They turned out yummy. Sautéd hand-chopped garlic in margarine in my cast iron skillet, added some spices, added the scallops for 5 minutes, then poured in a cup of coconut milk and let it simmer for another 3.

I took a ziploc bag out of the freezer which I thought was rice, and nuked it for 3 minutes, expecting to serve the scallops over rice. But it turned out to be a bag of coconut milk. So I had the scallops over sourdough bread, That worked fine.

My Seahawks jersey from NFL Shop arrived today. Damn, but they are slow.

Also still waiting for an eBay item I bought on Monday. Seller said she would ship it (from LA) as soon as the $$ reached her account. PayPal says it was there on Monday, eBay says it has not shipped. :-(

Amazon has stopped selling the litterbox refills I use, so I found an alternate supplier: wag.com. It was on my doorstep the next day. My only gripe is they use too large a box with too much plastic blow-up filler.
After dinner I went back to doing the slides, and am now at about the 175 point.  I am pretty booked for the weekend, but we have pseudo-MLK day off, maybe that's what I'll be doing then.

Plans for tomorrow:
Retro Dome for the Raiders of the Lost Ark quote-along, or Bad Movie Night at theater friends' home.

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