Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

There was a rehearsal in a room at the back of the convention center. I always have trouble finding that room, but I saw someone from the cast and followed him in. I sat next to Connie, who loaned me her score. I had a couple of sheets of hand outs and a pencil too. I was in the chorus, so when they started bringing the leads up on stage to show us what bits they had already learned I decided to duck out to take  look at my cell phone. I was also all WTF because this was supposed to have been the first rehearsal, so how come people had already learned their scenes?

I handed Connie all the stuff I had been holding, and left. There was a science fiction convention going on. I found a quiet corner to check out my cell phone and saw the problem right away, it was programmed for Toronto. After poking around a little I found a program on it which could set u0p the phone for several different countries, but when I tried to change it from Toronto to San Jose, it showed me an ad for Vancouver, BC which was hard to get rid of. Somehow by mistake I set the phone for Israel. Frustrated, I started looking for the app to remove it, but it wasn't listed in the "manage apps" screen. It must be on a chip. I opened the bottom of the phone and saw there were four slots for standard size SD chips, and removed the three that were there. One was a multi-colored design, and it was the one I was looking for, one was black with white writing which said English for Japanese student, which explained a lot. I had bought the phone on eBay, unaware it had been jailbroken to use in Canada by someone from Japan.

I went back to the convention, where I had a table with a desktop PC and a docking station for the cell phone. I plugged in the cell phone and used the PC connection to remove a large number of malware from the phone. There were five or six other tables in the room with guys using their laptops and desktops. One by one they disappeared - con security said the tables had been stolen. I saw a white guy in a red t-shirt with an armload of tattoos and a black guy in a winter coat carry of the table next to me. A few minutes later the white guy tried to push the power button on my desktop, but I slapped him down and he went away. The black guy came around while I was doing something on the phone and tried to take my table, but I yelled for security. Someone from the convention looked in from a far door and said there was no security. I said she should call the police.

When I turned around my table and PC were gone, but the cell phone was in my hand, so at least I had that. I had completely forgotten about the rehearsal, and panicked when I remembered I needed to get back there.

I couldn't remember how to get there, and after rushing through the hallways, waving to fannish friends and apologizing on the run for having a rehearsal to get to, I found myself at the aquarium, which in the dream was at the farthest end of the convention center.

I turned around to go back and that's when I woke up.
Tags: dream weirdness

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