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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

When the greedy bastards at MCI, WorldComm and Sprint wanted to make megabucks, they got their lawyers to file anti-trust suits against AT&T, which led to the milestone breakup of the monopoly into bite-sized companies, which were much easier to compete with.

But now AT&T has bought SBC (the former Pacific Bell) and now BellSouth as well! This is ridiculous - the Feds should have halted these as a violation of the long-standing anti-trust rulings.

Further proof that the Bad Guys are in charge of the government. Harumph.

And where is the news media? They should be watchdogging this - because it has a direct impact on them. All I hear is "just the news" and no commentary. WTF?

For those who were born too late to know the history, look at this.

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