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Sunday already

Woke up a few times last night, but finally slept till 9:30. Domino started the night on the bed, and Kaan tried to join her, but she decided to abandon the bedroom rather than share. :-(

Breakfast was chicken soup, it was excellent. Email said the last batch of Thailand Peace Corps slides were ready to pick up, so I braved the pre-superbowl chaos to do that. Strange, even though the parking lot was mostly full the turnover was rapid. As I walked up the ramp, people coming down with their carts had very little in them. Odder, about every 3rd one had a pair of pineapple. I guess most folks had done their shopping and were just coming back for the item or three they forgot, or forgot to buy enough of.

Got the slides, took them home, slurped them into the PC and did the renaming routine on them. Spent the time almost up until kickoff getting the colors and exposures not as bad as the scanners made them, then loaded them to Flickr here:

There was a big surprise one, it was so overexposed I didn't recognize who it was until I'd tweaked it a lot:

That's me playing chess. I don't know who is across the table.

This is Dim, she was my girlfriend for about 6 months, but her past caught up with her and a European businessman bought her a bar in Pattaya just as I was moving to the south.

I don't remember her name, but I was traveling around the north, and checked into a cheap hotel in Loi provincial capital, and this lovely woman latched onto me, found a boy to go into the market and bring us back dinner, and we had a very enjoyable evening together.

I think her name is Oi, she was my favorite cook in the Haad Yai night market. I asked her mother's permission to ask her out, but mom said no, she's only 14. :-(

I don't think I ever learned her name, or even got her to talk to me. After my Peace Corps time was over, they lost my final check which I needed to get camera gear and a plane ticket home, so I spent most of my time hanging around the Haad Yai zoo. She worked one of the refreshment stands.

Watched the game until the Ravens were so far ahead I'd lost all hope, came back to the PC to make DVDs of the Thailand photos (all 1,473 of them) and an iso image so I can make more easily if needed. One goes to Friends of Thailand by request, the rest go to my scattered co-volunteers and our training director.

Bad bad non-call which would have won the game for the 49ers gave the game to the Ravens. Boo, hiss. It was a good comeback game, but I hate to see games decided by bad officiating. There were quite a number of non-calls, most of them would have favored SF.

Plans for tomorrow:
Read the Brigadoon script. They didn't give us full scripts, but they posted one online. Ridiculous way to do things.
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