Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fire In The Hole

In the microwave, actually. This is the second time I've put something in there for a few minutes and it just never turned off. Last time it was frozen cookies for 30 seconds, this time it was edamama for about 2 minutes. Smelled smoke, turned the thing off, made the mistake of opening the door to check. Had to close it immediately, then put the kitchen fan on high, and open all the windows. I wanted to open the door too for some cross-ventilation, but it doesn't have a screen. But the work-around was to turn off the heater and put its fan on full.

That was about 2 hours ago, the windows are back where they belong, heater is heating again, fans are off. It only smells slightly burnt. But the microwave is landing in the dumpster in the morning, and I'll be doing some unplanned shopping tomorrow. Online is out, shipping for those things is ridiculou$.

So, early morning, team meeting at 9 so we could conference in our buddies in Belgium. Spent too much time tweaking the automation on something I thought I had finished, only to be told by Automation Guy that our GUI does some rude things behind the scenes which assigns different names to the same items in a way our scripting program can't handle.

Lunchtime I went to Rite Aid for Vitamin D and found they ad the 1-year supply of the high-test stuff on sale for about 30,000 times less per unit than the 200-capsule medium-strength bottle. Which translated as $4.50 more for the high-test 365-capsule bottle. Don't you love marketing math?

So, started working on verifying fixed bugs, and on the third one, I hit a key and the machine locked up. Turns out the fix broke something else. I left my machine like that and the engineer who had fixed the first bug took it over to troubleshoot. The answer should be very interesting.

Went home, stressful day so I reclined for a while, decided I did not need the chaos of a fully-attended BASFA meeting, which it looked like it was shaping up to be, and tried to take a nap. There was a package by the door as I came in, it had another seltzer siphon to partially replace the one which blew a gasket and is now out of stick with no parts available. And a macro light ring which is a flash which fits over the camera lens for close-up photography. I put the siphon to use right away, the macro ring will be a while before I use it.

After about 5 minutes, Kaan jumps up on the bed and head-butts my back. I turn around and he plops his favorite toy down in front of me. I throw it out of the bedroom and clear across the livingroom. He takes off like a shot, and in about 3 seconds brings it back to me. We played fetch for about 10 minutes, until my arm got tired. Proof positive that he is half Labrador Retriever. I have never had a cat who would play fetch. I have had several who would play "you throw it, I'll chase it, then I'll play with it for a while and then go do something else, completely ignoring you."

Got up, gave the cats their treats, turned on Tivo to watch Elementary which was supposed to follow the Superbowl, but TiVo FAIL, they started recording at the usual 7 pm program time so all I got was an hour of the game. So I tried The Mentalist, but TiVo FAIL again, it recorded an hour of pre-game crap - idiots in bars around San Francisco. And that was my whole TiVo stash. :-(

Turned on the NatGeo channel, which had a fascinating thing on leopards, which is when I heated up the edamama and smoked the place up. Went online to look for microwaves not made by Panasonic, with a handle instead of push-button door opener, and turntable. Wasted some time on the Book of Face, which they tell me is 9 years old today.

And here I am at 10:30 pm, not having had dinner except for some celery stalks, thinking I should heat up some chicken soup the old fashioned way.

Plans for tomorrow:
Dumpster run
Pick up whatever package they have for me at the apartment office
Shop for a microwave
Tags: cats, cooking, food, incendiary devices, photography, tv

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