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Almost Friday

This morning Kaan woke me with a long black tie wrap from the microwave packaging. We played fetch with that about 4 times, then he brought in his favorite nylon pretzel toy. I needed to get ready for work, so only did two rounds with that.

I had wrapped up everything at work which I could do for the various projects, which gave me a chance to read some specs about our next Big Thing. It's supposed to eventually be a combination of three products, but at the moment the only part which is ready to be specced is ours.

With the other half of my brain I listened to pieces of the Senate hearing for the probably next CIA director, someone I have serious doubts about. He promises transparency, and he goes even further to promise he will give all the intelligence committee members all the material about everything, in a timely manner.

He was grilled pretty well by a couple of the GOP members about the secret prisons and torture which went on when he was a head of CIA ops in Riyadh. (John Brennan looks so completely white middle aged middle class male that most people would be surprised to know he is fluent in Arabic. What struck me as odd is he pronounced all the Arabic names like a completely white middle aged middle class male.) He admitted he was copied on a ton of memos, and knew what crap was going on, but said he never wrote to or even verbally expressed his displeasure with those things to his superiors or to anyone else in that chain of command. His excuse boiled down to "that wasn't my job".

But is was. He was high up in the CIA structure, and would have been listened to had he chosen to be a whistleblower.

Feinstein and the rest of the Democrats were all gaga over him, as well as the Republican vice chairman. There will be a closed session next week, then the confirmation vote.

We'll see what happens. He's certainly more qualified that anyone who has held that post this century.

Also on the video feed was an overly long press conference by the Riverside PD, one of those poorly teched ones where you can't hear the questions and the spokescritters don't repeat the questions, so the answers are out of context. The chief did not seem to realize that the perp had already tried everything he could the legal way. Chiding him for resorting to violence was just stupid.

Later, CNN brought in pretty boy Cooper who had been sent a package by the perp with a CD containing a lot of useful material which they showed a little of. He also completely missed the point of the coin the size of a nickel, which was something PDs give to officers as a sort of medal, which had three bullet holes and a fourth nick in the side. The sharpshooting skill is world class to put what was probably 4 out of 6 rounds into such a small target from probably 25 feet or so, judging by the coin being mostly intact.

I have a feeling we'll be hearing from this guy for a long time. But seeing as he's pretty smart, maybe not again for a month or three.

Lunchtime I went to the Starbucks near Santa Clara train station. Parking the car was easy, but parking my butt was not. The place was packed with people with laptops and people with luggage, and people with both. I zipped up my jacket and sat at one of the outside tables. It wasn't too cold, but the glare from the sky made it hard to see the laptop screen.

Back to work, tried again to tackle an automation script, but the program kept changing the names of the constants. And miscounting the variables. Not fun.

Boss liked the tutorial I'd written and asked me to send it in for our Knowledge Base.

Left at 5:30, went home, had a lot of time to spend with the cats before heading for rehearsals. I left at 7:10, which normally would get me there just after 7:30, but I made almost every light and got there early. Which meant having to sit through the dance exercises which I can't do, and then the horrible screeching bagpipe noises which he uses for the Scottish dance step practice. Those would kill my knees completely if I did them. I would have gone outside but it was cold and drizzling.

We ran the section which he said we would, and he could have let about 1/3 of us go at 9, but made us hang around for an extra half hour. :-(

Still, got home before 10, gave the cats their treats , heated up a lamb shank and some dolmathes for dinner, watched an episode on Animal Planet which follows Maine wildlife wardens. In this episode, two of them clearly are out of their jurisdiction trying to chase down whoever shot a target arrow into the windshield of a passing car. They kept harassing the potheads in the house nearest to where they found bits from the fletching, but a car moving at 70mph and an arrow going maybe 90, those tail feathers (plastic, it looked like) would not have landed anywhere near where the shooter was. After everyone had handled the arrow with their bare hands, they brought it in for fingerprint and DNA analysis. As if. No wonder they are in Maine.

Found my videotape of Peter Pan from 1988 and captured the minute or so where the current Brigadoon director, as a young teen, ran around the stage in an ostrich suit. Posted it on FB and tagged him.

Plans for tomorrow:
Thought about going to see Promises, Promises at South Bay Musical Theater, then remembered that they rudely refused me a chance to audition when I was going to be coming back to town from Conflikt a day after callbacks. So I guess not.
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