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Sunny Day

I was up till maybe 3 am for no apparent reason. Just kept doing stuff which could have been put off till today. Kaan woke me up to play fetch at 8 am, but I didn't let that last long. When I stop playing he face-butts, which is charming. And he purrs loudly. But I went back to sleep anyway.

Did my usual morning things at about 1 pm, decided that a massage was in order, my calves have been cramping lately - something which happens most winters. It's not potassium levels, mine are above normal. Something to do with barometric pressure and temps. And maybe lack of humidity.

Went to a place I discovered a couple of weeks ago, middle-aged Vietnamese woman did a great job. It's in the same strip mall as a Togo's, so I had a pastrami sandwich, and got an ice cream from the 7-11.

On the way home stopped at the Office Max where they no longer stock office seat cushions. :-(   But it was time to restock on shipping tape, and they had that on sale. And also needed to replace the lamps in the livingroom (it's been pretty dark in there) do I bought a pair of those.

Drove to the other side of town and the other Office Max was also no longer stocking office chair cushions.

Home, played online some, took some photos of the cats being hierarchical, failed to find office seat cushions online for a reasonable price. I'm only seeing ones designed to improve posture when all I need is to be 2" higher.

Paid for a year's subscription to Dreamwidth and started importing all my LJ entries. I don't plan on being there much, I just wanted a backup not on my local PC.

Finally figured out how to stop my new phone from uploading all my photos to Google+ without my permission. Google's instructions were wrong. Why am I not surprised?

Dentures are not behaving well. I thought it might be time for new ones, but looked up on Quicken to see when these were made, and it was only 3 years ago. Insurance only covers every 5 years. I think I'll visit the denture clinic and have a chat.

Plans for tomorrow:
Brigadoon's first music rehearsal
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