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Some Fun

Was in bed at about 10, read for an hour from Octavia Butler's Kindred, loaned to me by someone who never reads sci-fi but somehow she read this. I don't think the writing is outstanding, and the idea is not new, but I'll probably finish it. While I was reading, Domino planted herself on the fleece blanket at the foot of the bed. She used to own that spot while Pumpkin was alive. These days Kaan usually beats her to it.

Woke up at 7, Kaan was there, I didn't see where Domino went.

Got to work half an hour before the 9 am team meeting, but it was at 10 this week. It rotates every week, and I have it in my calendar correctly, sometimes I forget to look. Not a problem, there was work to do from over the weekend.

Team meeting was very short, we have finished testing on the next release and all that remains are bug fixes, which are waiting on the next build. Which we expected Friday, but it came in too late to get checked in. I talked a lot, since I'd found some things to pass along during this morning's work.

The build came through late in the day, and I plowed through all the bugs I had filed, and then tackled a couple of others. All of them passed.

Had a nice long chat with one of the engineers who built the CALM feature. My former US Rep, Anna Eshoo, got this bill through Congress which requires broadcasters and cable companies to make sure that ads played at the same volume as the programs they were inserted into. Our box just won an Emmy for its ad insertion feature, so we needed to put this in place. I had some questions on how to test it, and he filled me in, and as usually happens when I talk to him, we chatted for half an hour about other things. Like the upcoming sale of the company, which the DOJ just screwed by waiting until today, the last day of the 30-day review period,  to ask for more details from the two companies. So now it's another 30 days of waiting, which screws all our stock awards.

Lunch was at McDonald's for the wifi.

Home at 5:30, sat with the cats & read.

7:10 off to rehearsals, our first music rehearsal, which really should have been a month ago. Musicals work better if the cast knows the songs before they learn the blocking. He's a fine music director, one of the best. It was a good rehearsal, he kept it fun while making us work. The harmonies in this score are wacko, the bass part looks like it was written by someone on a pogo stick. But when sung right, they sound very good. Music Director loves the music, which makes it a lot better.

He let us go right at 10. Just before we got to my solo. Maybe next time.

Oh, and we finally had an accompanist, one of the best ones too. He's been pianist for at least five shows I've been in, and several auditions.

Home, heated up some edamama and dolmathes, and made some lime soda. Ate the soy beans while online, still have the grape leaves in the microwave. TBE.

Plans for tomorrow:

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