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One on 1

So the highlight of my day every other Wednesday is my 1-on-1 meeting with my boss. It lasts half an hour, today the last 15 minutes was mostly chatting about non-work stuff.

It was a stressful work day, most of it spent re-tooling an automation script with Automation Guy, because things changed between builds. But by the end of the day we had not only a working script but a much more efficient one.

Home after work, Kaan has a cold, he is sneezing a lot. His sneeze sounds like he is channeling his Labrador half, not cat-like at all. 

There was some stuff to do online - a friend asked if I could copy a blu ray disk of her trip to China. I don't have a blu ray burner or disks. I looked to see if they had come down enough in price to buy one. They have, but only for the single layer, slower speed ones. I decided not to buy one today.

Off to Brigadoon rehearsals, another music one, lots of work, lots of fun, so good to be singing again.

The SM claimed that the latest rehearsal schedule was on Dropbox, so I installed it on my phone and looked. Nope, only the old stuff. One of my long-time friends in the cast had heard about my web site, so I gave him the user login.

When I got home I logged into the Dropbox share with the link they gave, instead of with Dropbox, and downloaded the whole shebang. About 1.2 Gigs of stuff, including videos and audio which I had not seen before. Uploaded those to my mirror site. Also fixed the MP3 tags for the one ripped CD they put up there - their ripper named all the songs "finale". The filenames were correct, but when you played the song it displayed that.

I may also convert the mov files to mp4 if I have the time.

This weekend's project will be to make an index.html page and pretty things up a bit. Right now it's just a directory tree.

Sent email to the cast & staff with the login info. I'll have to look on GoDaddy to see if they have a way to count user logins and file transfers.

Plans for tomorrow:
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