Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

need Z's

Stayed up way too late last night, then there was Kaan sneezing a lot curled up next to me. Just before lunchtime almost fell asleep at my desk. Did not want to drive home, so I drove the half mile to Costco where I could veg out in the car in their parking lot. After 15 minutes, remembered I needed peanut butter and wanted to get something chocolate for rehearsals. Did that, it took 30 minutes. Much eye candy, so mot much incentive to bolt.\

Everyone in line had at least one bouquet, most guys had 2 or 3. Better them than me.

Back to work 10 minutes early, and was about to go home to sleep when Automation Guy gave me a project which woke me up. Working sometimes does that.

Home, went to bed but not to sleep, mostly to rest and give Kaan someone to curl up next to, but Domino hopped up in the bed to be scratched.

Took some time to highlight my vocal score, then went to rehearsals. Found one line highlighted wrong. It's a VERY inconsistent score. We worked a lot on harmonies, the director discovered that most of the blocking he gave us didn't work.

He also wasted 20 minutes as usual on way beyond reasonable dance warm-ups. I was hoping for a music-centric rehearsal, not a dance-centric one. I ignore it now and sit it out.

We finished at 10:30 as advertised but without any new blocking, as threatened. I'm fine with that.

Plans for tomorrow:
If Kaan is still sneezing I'll call the vet. He's eating and drinking and only has a tiny bit of schmutz at the corners of his eyes, but he makes noises like he's trying to cough and then lets out a ginormous sneeze. Probably just a virus.
Work, need to finish that automation project
Home, sleep. Maybe stop off at Fry's and look at Blu ray birners. Costco doesn't have any. The do have 4TB backup drives, but those are USB 3, I prefer much faster ethernet.

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