Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Busy But Boring

I was determined to sleep in but Kaan woke me up wanting to play fetch at 8 am. He got tired of it after about 5 throws, his cold has taken him down a notch.  So I went back to sleep for an hour, logged into work email and said I would be in by 11. Actually did some work while I was online.

At work I spent most of the day on a very long tedious complicated automation script and found several spots where I'd completely lost track of what I was doing when I first wrote it. The deal is it enables a features, reboots, checks to see if it is enabled, the disables the feature, reboots and checks to see it is still disabled. Six features across 4 GigE ports. The kicker is the way to check if it is enable is to open up the feature, and see that the button says "disable". And to check if it is disabled, open up the feature, and see that the button says "enable". It gets confusing after 60 or so iterations.

Good news, by 5 it played all the way through, all 90 minutes of it. And then we got a new build. So I installed the new build and went home with the whole test suite running. That would be about 7 hours if it doesn't crash.

No going out to lunch since I was so late, but I did go outside twice to enjoy the 67° sunny weather.

Went straight to Fry's, looked at blu ray burners. They have shifted those all around, they are now on the aisle which used to have speakers. There was an ASUS on sale and it also had a $20 rebate so bottom line price is < $60. Excellent deal for a 12x, considering the fastest blanks on their shelf were 6x. They had 4x Kodaks on sale 25 for $19.99, which beats the no-name brands online by about 8¢ a disk. These are single layer, 25GB discs.

At work during one of my sun breaks I ordered a 4500 whatever units of power they use battery & extension case for the Samsung Galaxy S3. The Motorola HD is not working out very well, it doesn't respond to finger presses much of the time, and it gets no better signal than the Samsung. And its camera sucks. When that arrives I'll have Verizon switch me back. I think I'll take the Samsung in to get its camera lens replaced first, though.

Plans for tomorrow:
Go to the apartment office and tell them how rude they were to send me a note that I owed them for a pet deposit and needed to pay in less than 48 hours, when they never sent me a note saying what I owed them in the first place. With a twist of the knife about how incredibly asinine it is to include a suggestion that I enroll in th auto-pay system when I have been enrolled in that since two weeks before I moved in.

Work on the Brigadoon html code

Mountain View Center for the Performing Tarts to see one of my favorite tarts from Jekyll & Hyde in a new musical written by someone local. I went to a pre-preview of some of this guy's music and was not smitten by it, but Melissa O'Keefe's singing I most definitely am smitten by. Among other things about her...


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