Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Oy, what a day

Went to sleep relatively early, woke up maybe twice. Domino was confused by the new quilt, but she did something she hasn't done in months - while I was on ny side she climbed up and sat on top of me. She didn't lay down for very long, but she did evil eye Kaan away when he jumped up on the other side of the bed. But this never lasts long, by the time I was asleep Kaan was on the bed, Domino was in her hidy hole in the livingroom.

Woke up with the alarm, got out of bed right away because today was 9 am team meeting day. I would have gotten to work by 8 but my tummy was telling me I needed some throne time, and then it changed its mind.

I was feeling a little woozy, took my blood sugar reading and it was a low (for me) 104. Didn't need to do anything about that, since anything between 100-150 is a Good Thing. Just doesn't feel good unless I can keep it there for a few days.

Work, boss was out sick and nobody knew the conference call number for our Belgium staff, which was a FAIL because that5's why we meet early every other week. Boss' boss attended, we got some good info from him about finances and product roadmaps. Automation guy gave me some kudos for a batch file I'd written, asked me to explain what it did. It's something anyone in the room could have done....

Back to my desk, pounded away at revising an automation script, finished it and filed it in the system. Started work on another. Lunchtime was spent dropping off my 48 rolls of B&W negatives at UPS to go to be scanned in deepest darkest Burlingame. A place called Scancafe. Unlike slides and color negatives, which only cost 29¢ each, B&W are 69¢ per frame, and I estimated 1800 frames. Rounded up to 50 rolls at 36 frames each. I can't remember if I loaded my own film cannisters from 100-foot rolls (which is what I did in the US) or if I bought them retail. If it was retail, they should all be either 36 or 24 frames per roll. If I loaded my own they might be as many as 40 per. Whatever, they charged me a 50% deposit on the estimate. Ouch. And this is going to take them a while because they do some pre-processing, which is the reason for the high price.

UPS store is next to Popeye's so I had lunch there. I should know better, they are overpriced and weirdly spiced.

Over lunch I read more of Kindred which I would have thrown away by now if a friend had not loaned it to me. It is so preachy, and the bad guys always win. But I'm curious to see how it ends, because so far 2/3 through it is making no great strides toward wrapping up the loose ends.

Back to work, found a bug as soon as I started running the next script. Tummy still sending me mixed signals, when I went down the hall to check the plumbing I felt woozy. Back at my desk I told Automation Guy that as soon as I filed the bug I was going home and getting horizontal.

Which is what I did. That was about 3pm, finally fell asleep after 3:30, woke up at 6:15 or so. Looked for something to make for dinner, decided over-easy eggs on health nut bread. Texted the SM that I'd be 15 minutes late for rehearsals, and was. For a change the director had not spent 20 minutes on his jazzercize warmups, but he had not gotten to the point where I was needed onstage. Rehearsals were not so enjoyable. This is about the 4th time we have re-blocked the opening number, which we should not have even started on until tonight. Then he spent half an hour on a dance routine I'm not in, and then back to the opening number. Well, not the opening, but the first production number.

Finally got out at 10. One good thing is I got to sing my solo 3x. Maybe I will learn the words soon.

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