Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Half an hour

before my doctor's appointment. Follow-up on the e. coli thing from last week. 95% cured, still a wee bit to go.

Yesterday at work I tried to automate something, but it needed programming skills I don't have. Tried again some more this morning, no go.

All day I have a project which involves monitoring a program which pulls a set of log files off the test equipment, and see if that program impacts the performance of the machine. Nice touch, one of the log files shows disk, memory & CPU usage.

Co-worker discovered that the "timeout" command does not work on XP. I found a work-around on the web.

Rehearsals last night were pretty good, except for the 20-minute aerobics session at the start. There is not that much strenuous dancing in this show to justify this. Grrrr. I don't participate, because I can't. Also got half the rehearsal sitting out some choreography. It is going to make the music director plotz. The script calls for one man at a time to do a jig inside of crossed swords on the ground while the townspeople watch and sing. The choreography has everyone (except me) doing a variation of a Morris dance, circles with half the cast singing upstage half the time. The choreography looks great, but it totally destroys the purpose of the scene.

There has been quite a lot of that, which is what happens when a choreographer directs the show, and is more interested in having lots of dancing than in paying attention to the script. It will be a good show, though.

After rehearsals I went to 7-11 and picked up a delivery from Amazon locker. Bearcat radio scanner. Played with it after dinner (Swedish meatballs) till about 2 am. Need to look up the freqs for the fire station next door. I found two for what sounded like fire department or EMT.

Just one more thing I don't really have time for.

Time to wrap it up.


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