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Had about 2 hours of cat time, nibbled on some celery with ranch dip.

Rehearsals was supposed to be a stumble-through of Act I, I think we got 3/4 of the way. Now that we have most of the set, it is clear the scene changes will be long and painful and there are too many of them.  I hope they get a large run crew.

I got to sing my solo twice, but the second time I didn't get the cue I was looking for, and it was a total FAIL. I also need to memorize the part. I'm not called tomorrow, so I'll do it then.

consonance_con finally published their schedule for this weekend - not just the schedule but the whole effing program book. Interfilk GoH is Merav Hoffman. I don't really remember, but I think I once walked out on her concert for being boring. She has nothing on youtube, everything on bandcamp is for pay. I just need 30 seconds of audio to know. I guess it doesn't really matter, it's Saturday, and from the looks of the schedule I'll be there from 1 pm till midnight. Friday I'll wait till after commuter gridlock, maybe halfway through the sing-along concert, then toastmaster concert. Open filk depends on how sleepy I am.

Not much on Sunday - a concert by someone I've never heard of at 12:30, Adam Sakellarides**, 2x10s, Puzzlebox concert I'll probably bail on because I have seen them so many times.

**Looked him up on Youtube. Nasal voice. Some clever lyrics, but mostly cliché. 50-50.

Plans for tomorrow:

WFH early - I need to install VM on the work PC and then linux. Should be doable with RDP.
P/U two packages at the apartment office
Mountain View, doctor's appt
Plan A: take the car to the place which installed the alarm and have them fix the trunk release, and install a new backup cam
Plan B: Go to the office and twiddle my thumbs all afternoon.
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