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Tea Lady Very Sexy

At Conflikt in Jan. there was a very sexy woman selling her home-mixed tea blends, many of them named for Firefly/Serenity characters. She had an obnoxious young daughter with her. Or rather, mostly running around loose. She's based in Seattle, so it was a surprise to see her at Consonance. I had wanted to buy some Darjeeling from her up there, but she had sold the last batch. I asked again here, and she had not brought any. But she gave me a discount coupon to buy online.

Ookla the Mok West had a whole table full of CDs. I am told their lyrics are easier to hear on those, but their concert completely turned me off to them. And the audio in the pieces I saw on Youtube were distorted. :-(

Another three tables was apparently a combined offering from three dealers, but managed by only one. All by hand, too slow for me. Surprised to not see anything from the Toastmaster, Scott Snyder, whose concert was epic.

I had Stuff To Do in the morning, got there in time to catch a new guy's set, Adam Sakellerides, who was later join ed by the way too cute LARP addict Nicole Dieker whose screechy singing drove me out of the room during her solo concert last night, but she's great at harmony in her real range. Adam has a ways to go, but this was his first ever gig, and not much slack needs to be given because he was well prepared.

The second round of 2fers was disappointing. I don't even remember the first two,  Bill Roper's two were ose. The surprise was Bill Laubenheimer, who got some major audience participation, especially in his second number. 

I stayed for just enough Puzzlebox to run screaming from the overly enthusiastic drummer. This is not the Puzzlebox I grew up on. The story is their keyboard babe married a drummer.

Somewhere they announced the 2014 guests, with Kristoff & Margeret as GoH and Mark Osier as Toast. Here's Mark's acceptance song:


I had to bail, needed to hit Ranch 99 for Asian foodstuffs and bring that home before meeting Janice for coffee. Managed to pay for next year's con, too.

Back home, made ravioli for dinner. Very strange, the string cheese turned to cottage cheese in the microwave. I must have gotten some non-fat stuff or something by mistake.

Watch Shark Tank and was pleased to see one of the sharks make an actual investment as opposed to putting money into a company which already had great financials. Once. Out of 5 or 6 times.

I had taken a cheap SD Sony camcorder to the filks, it's tiny and records to memory so it has good battery life and is noiseless. Image stabilizer worked well, but I did it hand held so there's nothing I want to put online. The stills I took with it sucked real bad, very low resolution, very grainy. Odd because the video is sharp. Took 15 minutes to find the firewire slot in the back of my PC and plug in the cable. Only to find this camcorder only has USB. And I needed to download an app from Sony to get the PC to recognize the camcorder.

Plans for tomorrow:
Brigadoon music rehearsal
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