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Woke up at 6:30 but the internet clock said 7:30, so I went around the apartment changing all the clocks which needed it. Microwave was one of the first. The bathroom clock radios have DST buttons, but the one in the main bathroom was set backwards. The in-dash unit still has the Fall-winter time, because I thought it took the time from the GPS, but it doesn't. Finding settings on that thing is difficult.

Did not get out in time for the 10:30 showing, so relaxed and made the 12:45 of Silver Linings Playbook. Jennifer Lawrence earned that Oscar. Otherwise it was meh. The writing was average with far less clever lines than the plot required, film editing was inconsistent, definitely not a powerhouse best picture. De Niro played himself, with a little bit 'o' tears. Jacki Weaver wasn't given enough of the script to show what she could do. Bradley Cooper did not measure up to the rest of the Best Actor field. I would have tossed in a best audio editing nom, because it was seamless and when they had a chance to be annoyingly loud they weren't. There were some great spandex scenes, and the mock dance competition was very well done by the pros. Utterly predictable telegraphed ending.

Went from there to Costco, surgical strike shopping was sabotaged by several of their fridge banks being out of commission and lots of things I was looking for relocated to the other side of the building. Plus palettes of baby wipes at one end of each aisle to keep us from passing through (probably protecting exposed wires or something from the dead fridges).

Met Janice for coffee, she had a lot of news. She's going to the Caribbean this week, her first time there. I told her the Jamaica penis joke, since she had not heard it. She laughed a lot.

Back across the street to see Oz The Great And Powerful, which did not live up to the hype. James Franco is not nearly convincing enough, Mila Kunis rocks both her characters, Rachel Weisz and Michelle Williams not so much. Great costumes, hair & makeup. Some killer special defects, lots of beautiful CGI. Audio was a little mumbly in places, WTF is with flying baboons? Opening and closing credits were so artistic it was hard to tell who was in the show. Way too violent for the G rating it should have aimed for. Sam Raimi got hypnotized by the power of fireballs and green lightning.  Very predictable Kansas scenes in B&W standard def, Oz scenes in color and HD.  Barely worth senior 3D price.

While the trailers were playing I saw there was voicemail on my phone - it never rang...again. Starbucks (which was closed by then) telling me they have my laptop bag. So I'll go there in the morning and snag it.

Home, put the food away, registered the Fastrak gadget which I'd bought at Costco, which will get me onto the HOV lanes on 237. And across any of the bridges. The tag is free, but Costco bundles $30 of tolls for $24. I may even try it out on the Golden Gate.

Made 3 of the 6 crab cakes I bought at CCo, these are Baltimore style, no fillers. So I was not surprised when they completely fell apart in the frying pan. But after draining off the oil and half an inch of paper towels, it was very good. Probably should have had it over bread, but all I have is Health Nut.

Dessert was an impulse buy - CCo house brand cashew clusters w/almonds and pumpkin seeds. Yummy. Good snack to take to work. Not as sugary as Payday bars. I really wanted dark chocolate hollow Easter bunny, but they didn't have those.

Looked at the new backup cam, to see if I could adjust it upward, but it needs a very small torx screwdriver. I have a set, I'll try to adjust it tomorrow in daylight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Brigadoon rehearsals which was supposed to be music TBA but is suddenly an Act I run-thru. We really need to get off of Act I and on to Act II.
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