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Highly amusing Day. But Which One?

Spent a couple of hours after lunch thinking it was Wednesday, and was all ready for my 1-on-1 when my calendar did not pop up a reminder. The way Outlook displays calendar items in the mail view is it simply lists the upcoming ones on the right-hand column, not emphasizing what day the event is on. I had nothing on my calendar for today, so next up was the 1-on-1 tomorrow.

Woke up at 7, was ready by 8, which is bizarre because the repair guy was due at 9. Well, not too bizarre because garbage needed to go to the dumpster first, and cat needed to be lulled into a false sense of security in the computer room so I could keep the door closed while repair guy was working.

He saw the washing machine problem right away, and tried massage therapy, and then some chiropractor moves on it, but the nasty noise was from something which did not respond. So he said he would be right back with a replacement machine. But first he fixed the strike plate on the front door, which took two more screws angled in. It really needs a new door jamb, but that's non-trivial.

He was back on less than 5 minutes, just enough time for me to shift a dozen or so things out of the path and vacuum,  removed the broken machine, put in the replacement, and tested it. After he left I took advantage of the recliner area being furniture-free and ran the carpet steamer over it. Then I put fluid in the tank and did it again. It worked so much better the second time.

The replacement washer is MUCH nicer than the original. Huge tub, easy to read labels on the dials, separate bleach funnel. When the machine broke, I took all the jeans out and wrung them out and put them in the dryer, planning on washing them later. Took all the t-shirts, towels and such and put them on top of the dryer. So the next move was to start a load of T-shirts, etc.

Put the furniture back in place, and drove to work. Got there around 10:30.

The morning was spent writing an automation script to test an intermittent bug, which I confirmed had been fixed. Then wrote a test case for that, and submitted the script to Automation. Major brownie points for verifying as fixed a critical bug, and automating a test case.

Lunch at the Prolific Oven in Rivermark. It was a gloriously sunny and warm day so I sat outside with a grand marnier ball, a chocolate dipped cream puff and a napoleon.  I figured that would be more than enough, BUT, the Grand Marnier ball was too heavy and thick and mostly inedible, the Napoleon was made with delicious custard in between three pieces of cardboard. The cream puff was the only thing completely edible.

Back to work, started marking time to the 1-on-1 but when I discovered it was still Tuesday I started writing an automation script for a test I had been avoiding, because it took too much prep time (like 3 days). It's really just an expansion of a test script I already wrote. Maybe I will get it done by Friday.

Automation Guy did have his 1-on-1 and knew the boss was going to ask him if he had written his Three Goals for 2013. A.G. had no clue even where to start. It is hard to set goals when your company is in the process of being sold and you really don't know what you will be doing 3 months from now, let alone 9. So I gave him three goals:
1. End World Hunger
2. Achieve World Peace
3. Continue to do automation

I figure those are as good as any, under the circumstances.

Home, played online, checked the email which said the headboard I ordered was shipped, but it had only had the paperwork sent to Fedex. That's something I need to be home to receive.

Rehearsals were kind of a joke. And kind of an eye opener. The joke part is most the cast (not me) took longer to drive to the place than the rehearsal lasted. And at least two of the people who were critical to the scene had conflicts. They really should have done this scene another time. We blocked it, ran through it about 7 times, and were sent home. Two of those times, the woman playing Jean read Fiona's part, while the woman playing Fiona sat it out.

Which was the eye opener. According to the cast lists, there are no understudies. We originally were supposed to do a morning performance the second week of the show for school kids, but that got canceled (the grant which required it was pulled). Sometimes people can't get out of their Day Jobbes and there will be stand-ins for that show.

But here's the deal: Both women are excellent actresses with gorgeous theater-quality soprano voices. Either of them could do this role. I was very surprised with the choice for Jean, because Jean doesn't sing at all during the show, and needs no acting skills to speak of - it appears the part was designed for some Broadway bimbo. So maybe the staff has decided to let her do one of the shows. Very very strange, because we're only giving 5 performances.

Home by 8:30, went online, petted the cats, took the load out of the washer and put it on top of the dryer and took the jeans out of the dryer and put them in the washer, and put the stuff on top of the dryer into the dryer.

Played online a bit. Reheated a turkey leg and some peas for dinner, banana in chocolate, malted milk and lactose-free whipped cream. Gave the cats their treats. Watched an episode of South Park which Tivo said was new, but wasn't. Watched most of an episode of Steve Harvey, skipping the part where some bogus plus-size lingerie designer had her wares modeled.

And here I am.

Plans for tomorrow:
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