Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Smoke 'em if you got 'em

So, the cardinals chose another Italian. Someone who has actively fought his local government's plans to promote contraception and gay rights. Same old same old. He did smile, and was quite charming during his opening speech.

Before work I stopped by the apartment office to see if several expected packages were there. They didn't notify me, which is odd, because even though they are changing to Avalon's automated systems, they used to call if their system was down. And sure enough, the atorvastatin was there, along with stamps and flat rate priority mail boxes. USPS at my last apartment always left a delivery slip when they couldn't fit something into the mailbox, but this carrier doesn't, :-(

Work was plodding, I spent all day working on a script I'd been waiting 2 weeks to write, but at my afternoon 1-on-1 boss said to drop that and do another round of last week's tests with a new, more intrusive java program. Surprise - it didn't kill the machine. But I have to keep it running overnight.

It took me till about 6:30, but I didn't have rehearsals so no problemo.

Home, petted the cats, played online, watched an episode of Steve Harvey over a plate of ha gow and sui mai. And my home made lime soda. Thin mint cookies for dessert.

Put away the laundry. Kaan "helped".

Tired of so many mats in Domino's chest area, caused by her curling up into a tight ball inside the kitty hole, so last night I turned the hole to the wall. Came home and she was curled into a tight ball against the piano leg nearest the kitty hole. :-(

 Plans for tomorrow:

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