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Pi day in the US.

Had a breakthrough at work with a script, something I realized when I woke up this morning. The details are hard to explain, and boring.

Lunchtime I went to Lakewood shopping center, 45 minutes early for my dental appointment because I wanted to check out the Chinese market next door. I had not been there in years, because it used to be filthy (flies all over the place) with narrow aisles, very limited stock and high prices.

It has changed.

New Wing Yuan Market is now clean, with wide aisles, and oh so much stock. They have things I have never seen before. It took me 5 minutes just to check out the noodle aisle. Live lobster, carp, catfish (but no crabs - huh?). The produce section does not have half the variety of Ranch 99, but what they do have, they have a lot of. Some surprising machines, such as a wooden coconut shredder, a 3-foot-tall rice dispenser, so many different kinds of fresh & frozen fish. All the usual - and unusual - canned fruits. A half an aisle of faux Western treats made in Hong Kong, Czech Republic, PDRC. Shrimp chips from San Diego.

Made a note to come back after the dentist appointment, and got to the dentist 15 minutes early. It took 20 minutes to fill out their paperwork. They really need to have an online solution for that, my handwriting is horrible. The regular dentist was out of the country, her stand-in is a compatriot Philippina, as are the two assistants. Excellent all around, no pain, and an appointment for next week to re-do a filling which I thought needed it 2 years ago but the dentist I went to then was more interested in throughput than care.

Back to the market, spent about $20 in impulse buys. Prepared cuttlefish (a favorite snack of mine in Thailand), chocolate milk for way too many pennies, sesame candy and a kind of Asian peanut brittle. Almond cookies from an East Bay bakery ($1 less than the world famous ones from LA), a chocolate roll cake from Goldilocks, and two faux cup of noodles in crab and seafood flavors. And shrimp chips.

Back at work, made some progress on the script until Something Went Wrong and we lost all connectivity to the test machines. Or at least I did. By then it was after 5:30 and most of the people who could fix it were gone.

At about 6 I left and went for a manicure. Half an hour wait, which is unusual - if they think it's going to be that long they'll ask me to come back later. Manicurist tried to converse, but I couldn't make out what she was saying behind that mask. Most places have little fans to blow away the grindings, not this one.

From there to Lucky, where I was in search of frozen matzo balls. The bottled ones are gross. That was the last thing I found. Also got the obligatory pie (Dutch crunch apple), ice cream (how could I resist "malted milk mint"?) and stuff which was on my list like lactose-free milk and turkey bologna.

Had wanted to park at Starbucks, but it was too warm to leave ice cream in the car, so home I went.

Dinner was the remaining 3 Costco crab cakes, which I baked this time, and they didn't fall apart till I started eating them. Pie a la mode for dessert. Celery for appetizer.

Caught up on email. More info from my Baltimore sister about funeral plans for a dear family friend killed in a car crash. It will be on my brother-in-law's birthday (St. Patrick's day - he's a redhead) which is very Twilight Zone-ish because in 2010 my mother's funeral was on his birthday, and he came out to Seattle for that too.

Also in email was a question from a potential bidder about an eBay sale. It's a used phone, and somehow he misread the auction listing to think it was "mint". Which is isn't. And which it is not advertised as. I replied, setting him straight on that point and making the reply public. The auction closes tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:

Work, includes boss' boss' team meeting and my weekly report
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