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I Need To Get Out More

Spent all day indoors, 9:30 am - 6:30 pm. And it was apparently a lovely partly cloudy, warm day, if Yahoo Weather is to be trusted.

Got to work within the on-time window, put the 3/4 of a pie which I had not eaten last night onto the counter where the microwave and coffee maker is. I had to re-arrange the two half-filled boxes of Krispy Kreme. Fridays we get either bagels or donuts, I guess this was not bagel day.

From there I went right to trying to figure out why I couldn't reach any machine in the lab from my desk last night. Looked like it was fixed, except when I logged into the test machine and went to the GUI page which showed the video outputs (I had set up 384 of them), it snapped back to the home page before I could see what was configured. And it kept doing that. So I looked at the alarms page, which stayed up just long enough for me to read the first alarm, and then it snapped back to the home page. The alarm was saying the machine was over its bandwidth limit.


I has set up 384 outputs, each reserving about 25MB/s. That's about 5 HD programs. Should have set them to about 2.5 each. Or 1.5. Anyhow, the machine locked itself up (and my route to the lab) being so overloaded. I had to telnet into it and zap the configuration through the back door to get it back to normal. And then re-write last night's script to not use the default settings.

By then it was 12:30, and I'd been nibbling on some prepared cuttlefish shreds, which I took into the break room so I could watch Automation Guy play in the quarter-finals of the ping pong tournament. He threw all three games. Said his allergies were killing him, which they were, and he just wanted out of the competition. He has had this problem for a year, so I told him to see an allergist, because his doctor should have sent him to one in the first place when Claritin didn't help. He has plenty of PTO time to do this.

Pretty soon it was 2 pm, time for the boss' boss' team meeting. He always gives up a ton of interesting info, shows us the most cluttered slides on the planet, and some fool always turns off all the lights, which means I fall asleep, even when it's interesting.

That took till about 4, and Automation Guy said it was time for lunch, so I grabbed my cooler and joined him, finishing off most of the snacks I'd brought in case I didn't get a lunchtime break.

Back to my desk, past time to do my weekly report, almost done when boss calls me into his office. He commented on the late lunch "now dinner", and then told me he had my new salary info and also info about the annual merit bonus. The raise was about 2%, but the bonus comes to a month and a half of salary. :-)

Finished my report, then took off. Went to the Starbucks nearest home, and stayed till about 8. Lots of eye candy, but mostly take-away orders, and/or with an SO.

Home, got the mail, and there was the check from the Boskone art show. $100.  Two out of three photos which sold went for more than the minimum bid.

Dinner was home made chicken soup with store-bought frozen matzo balls. Yummy. Ate that while watching the latest Elementary. Lucy has been getting bigger parts, not just another pretty face.

Did a bit of laundry - the sheets & pillowcases. Microfiber, very light. Replaced them with the yellow microfiber set, bought at the same time as the blue but never used. Kaan helped me by diving under the fitted sheet as I was fitting it. And then escaping that to dive under the cover sheet while it was being deployed. He stayed there until both the quilt and the fleece half-blanket was on, and I was out of the room. It only took him a few seconds to follow me.

Plans for tomorrow:
Pick upRefuse the long-delayed package of Scottish fudge. North Carolina company emailed that the order was en route 2/28, and that's the last I heard. Monday I emailed asking the status, and in a few hours there was a shipping notice from UPS, it was being sent 2-day air, which took 4 days (because the Scottish Grocer hadn't actually sent it to UPS yet). The next day their email came explaining that the order never got sent to the warehouse, and they were shipping it right away.

So, bad review for The Scottish Grocer for having either the world's slowest email server or a craptastic shipping system. Or both. I wanted to cancel, because I'm sure I can find the stuff locally. Maybe I'll tell the apartment reps to return it.

Plans for tomorrow:

Wait around for the headboard to be delivered. I'm not sure if it will make it tomorrow, it was still in Utah this morning. Need to call Fedex to get an updated ETA.
Looks like great weather. Find something to do outdoors
Try making Thai crab cakes for dinner - I found a better recipe. What I was really looking for was fish cakes but made with crab & shrimp. Not New England style fall-apart mostly crab thingies. Tod Mun Pu.
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