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Tuesday feels like Thursday

I was planning on being asleep an hour ago but wasted a lot of time posting about 200 photos of Scotland on FB.

Was up until 3 am watching Francis get popified. I enjoyed his sermon's message. It is difficult for my AR mind to fail to notice that it was all based on the myth of Joseph, about whom almost nothing was written in the Gospels. OTOH, It was his Day, and as a good preacher, Francis pretty much was required to weave his message of "protect each other" from the Joseph mythology. He also threw in a New Testament passage about Abraham, which caught me by surprise, I'd completely forgotten about that. I also enjoyed the diversity of the other readers, speakers and singers. Francis made the event to not be all about him. I kept switching between CNN and ABC, whose commentators were sometimes helpful, and sometimes drowned out the ceremony in favor of crap they'd dug up which could have waited till after. I shut it off as soon as CNN's pet priest launched into a recap of what we'd just heard the Pope say, as if this was a state of the union address.

Okay, so I know he's against gay marriage, contraception and women in the clergy. And I know he's basically an Italian pope who happened to be born and served in Argentina. But he smiles. He dresses simply. He asks us to pray for him. He isn't the intellectual giant JPII was, but he's a welcome relief from that German guy.

Staying up late made me late for work, but only by about 10 minutes. I continued to beat my head against the wall on this one long automation script. By lunchtime I was 95% done, and it looked like a timing issue easy to solve once I figured out where to put the delays.

No lunch again. I went to the PO and had them close the PO Box, but it wouldn't give me a refund. I'll have to email their customer service about that. The clerk tried what she could, but the system doesn't have a "he changed his mind" button.

From there to Patelco, where they closed my account and cashed me out with a cashier's check. Turns out, she said, when I thought I was closing my account months ago, all I did was disable my check card.

Walked to Rite Aid, got some things on my list, including a hollow easter bunny for the annual head-biting ceremony. And honey grahams to help settle my tummy, which had me going #2 about 5 times this morning.

Back at work, Automation Guy found a serious bug in an area for which I'm the expert. I verified the bug, which rendered my test machine inoperable for most of the afternoon. Good thing I was using someone else's machine for the scripting thing.

Got the script to run all the way through by 5:30. Letting the machine run overnight to make sure it stays stable. Tomorrow I'll add 3 more tests to the suite, all based on this one. "Should not take more than a day" he says, knowing it never works that way.

A cousin of the husband of the friend who was killed in the car crash has set up a web site to keep us current on husband's condition. He was driving the Porsche, and was critically injured. They sedated him heavily so they could operate on his broken legs, but they had not looked too closely at his head injuries until now. The cousin posted that the doctors suggested that relatives come now, it doesn't look like he'll be waking up any time soon. Very sad, I met him at my nephew's wedding October 2011, and we hit it off like we'd known each other forever. It's hared to know what to feel, because if he survives he probably won't be all there.

On the way home I stopped off at 7-11, picked up two things from Amazon, a GoPro camera and the micro-SD card for it. Got that home and played with it, set it up, upgraded the firmware, could not get it to sync with the phone app. Minor issue, the stop/start button is easy to reach even on the head band mount. I tried to get some video of Kaan playing fetch, but Domino decided to guard the bedroom door, and Kaan chickened out. Maybe tomorrow.

Dinner was matzo balls, chinese BBQ pork, tail-off shrimp, chicken bullion soup. Yummy. Watched an episode of Steve Harvey while I ate. Not such a good show this time, a forced "beach vacation" theme but the vacations they gave away were for a ranch in Arizona to a man who said Disney World's weather was too hot, and two other non-beach ones.

Plans for tomorrow:
Have an actual lunch break

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