Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Too Late

SM emails us that from now on rehearsals will go past the previously scheduled 10:30 on to 11. They pulled this right out of their asses. In the same email was her message to "get plenty of rest". Idiot.

Tonight's rehearsal ran till 10:55 without a break.  It started with the traditional 20 minutes of way too much dance warm-up to bad music, a somewhat useful 10 minutes of vocal warmups and a totally wasted 10 minutes of the SM jabbering about all the things she jabbers at us every time. "Sell tickets", "we need help moving into the theater Monday", "We need help with the set Saturday","We need help breaking down the set and putting it on the truck Sunday". This theater company has hundreds of volunteers on its mailing list, the cast is already busy enough rehearsing.

Work was also a carnival. I started out fine, finishing automation for two more tests, with 6 to go. This is on a test machine which I borrow because it has a part mine doesn't have. Then I find my main test machine is hosed because of a bug I recreated which Automation Guy found. And the boss asks me to see if a bug they found on the old model is also on the new model, but I don't have anything to test it on. Argh. Finally "borrowed" one from someone who is out sick.

Was feeling woozy all morning, so instead of the planned actual lunch I punched "parks" into the GPS and it took me by just about the least intelligent route to a park I had never been to, which is by a senior center I didn't know existed. Nice park. I sat in various benches and relaxed. Heard a woodpecker but couldn't locate him.

Two interesting plaques I found there:

I wonder what is the significance of the dog?

At the back of a beautiful little drip-irrigated rose garden.

View from the back of the rose garden. Very peaceful, except when a senior's 1957 oldsmobile chugs in or out of the parking lot.

Home by 5:45, got the mail, the only useful thing was a prescription, which it turns out was for the wrong dosage (my mistake).

Took a nap, Kaan woke me up at 7 trying to play fetch with a tie wrap. I keep telling him not to do that.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Maybe finish the automation project
3 pm dentist appointment to have a filling replaced. This may turn ugly because the not very competent former dentist drilled through a cap to do the filling, so worst case is having the cap removed, the filling put in the right way, and the cap re-done. We'll see.
Rehearsals - they changed the schedule from running Act I to running the whole show. I may call in sick
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