Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

L8 not so Gr8

Spent the day at work on that same script. Thought I had it done, but missed two changes and timing became an issue.
Lunchtime was really fine dim sum with really slow service at Hong Kong Saigon Seafood Harbor Restaurant. I didn't see any evidence of Vietnamese cuisine there. It's near the dentist.  Went next door to the New Wing Yuan market and picked up some more shrimp chips, then to the dentist. The regular dentist was back, she had been visiting her 90-year-old mother-in-law. Sweet lady, knows the value of seeing the ancestors while they are still alive.

She was even more amazed than I about the whack job the previous dentist did, drilling through the cap to place the filling. The right thing to do is replace the cap and place it to seal off the drilled out cavity. She also thinks I may need to have a root canal redone in the tooth next to that one. She polished the filling so it isn't sicking out anymore, my tongue likes that a lot. But she has to check with insurance to see if a new cap will be covered. I looked at my records, and it appears that it was done 3 years ago, so probably not. I'll probably hear from her next week with a Plan or three.

Back to work, more automation. Left at 5:30 with it running. Hope it finishes overnight.

Home, took a nap. Both cats joined me.

7-ish up and out and to rehearsals. Idiot stage mangler ranting again about selling tickets. She thinks posting our bios on FB is The Answer. Lowering the price is a better answer. Director actually got that done, sign up with the code word "foggy" and get $5 off. But he didn't mention that at rehearsals, he had covered it in email. SM has a control issue, thinks she needs to say stuff over and over to her captive audience. Many of us are no longer captivated. Call was for 7:30, for some reason they decided to start the run-through at 8. We could have started at 7:10. SM doesn't Get It that people are coming from long distances with varied work schedules and traffic is unpredictable. Everyone gets there by 10 after, 95% of the time. 

The run-thru went much better than it had any reason to. I brought toffee candies for my props and tossed out the crapola they had put on my tray. That worked well. I need to find some candy wrapped in plain waxed paper, the gold plastic wrappers aren't very 1700s. But it was great to have actual candy. In general props were a problem, our props person is not very good at finding stage-workable items. SM is in charge of sharp objects but was too busy chattering away backstage to have them ready. She also was not doing her job of being on book for those who don't know their lines. Basically she's worthless. 

I went in for my costume fitting and was shocked and disappointed that I don't get a kilt. Instead I get a very unattractive pair of above-the-knee pants.  Irish, not Scottish. I will have a chat with the costumer. The brown shirt is truly ugly. I probably own something better. Socks are going to be an issue. I don't have any calf-length ones which would work.

I really need to get to bed. Kaan is clawing at the back of my chair.

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