Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Better Early Than Never

I'm at the Mercado Starbucks, after an incredibly lazy day. Got out of bed temporarily at 8:30 to play on Facebook for an hour, after the OCD was satisfied. I needed to go onto the USPS pages, file a complaint about the folded-in-half delivery and try to get a refund for my only-used-for-3-minutes PO box. No such luck - they don't give refunds for 3-month pre-paid reservations. Not no way, not no how.

Back to bed, idly listened to the scanner, heard some interesting EMT calls, or addresses I did not recognize. Probably in the east bay. The signal strength was way too good for it not being local, but maybe I'm line of sight to somewhere far away. As I listened Kaan was splayed out against my back, purring. Domino was curled up in Kaan's pillow:

Had a warmed up donut-like object for breakfast - a cross between a sweet roll and a donut, apple something. Very tasty. By now it is 1 pm.

Wanted to get to Shoreline Park in MV and grab a bite at the Lakeshore Cafe, but my tummy decided to keep calling me back to the throne. Four times in half an hour. Finally got out by 3, and it being the first warm and sunny Sunday in a long while, the park was jam packed, no parking anywhere and the parking vultures were blocking all the lanes 3 deep. Idiots.

So Plan B, then. Sunnyvale Baylands Park, which is a misnomer because it is nowhere near the Bay, it is between the landfill and Hwy. 237.  And despite its almost total lack of flowering trees and plants, it's kind of pretty in an open grassy way. I was mostly there to see if the radio controlled planes were flying, and boy, were they. One guy brought about 30 of them. There were never more than 6 in the air at a time, though. One guy was wearing heads-up-display glasses and staring North as I watched his craft - a  VTOL spider - cruise 360 degrees around the far reaches of the park, way out of the safe flying area.

The last time I was there, most of the planes were gasoline powered, now they are all on batteries. Quite a variety, from a flying wedge to hovercraft to delta wings to replicas of your basic Cessna. And lots of other historic replicas. It was fun to watch the kids launch the plane before Dad started the engine, and see it plow into the grass. Some of them whined like banshees. Some were silent. I wish I'd brought my camera, which I would have done if this had been Plan A.

As the wind picked up the fliers packed up, so I headed for the nearest Starbucks. Lots of pretty women passing through.

Spent some time on FB reading about friends auditioning for Les Miz. Unlike most SBMT shows, they auditioned at Hoover theater in Santa Clara, quite far from their Saratoga stage and also their San Jose rehearsal space. Good venue, odd location. I would have loved to have been in this show, as it is being directed by Jay Manley, one of my favorite directors. But it plays in September, which means rehearsals will eat up Summer, and I have promised myself not to do that again. And both the rehearsal hall and the theater are hell to get to from where I work/live. Brigadoon will probably be my final show, anyway, at least for acting.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work. Plenty to do there.
Rehearsals? The schedule says dancers, which I am not one of, but I need to wait for the incompetent SM to send the call sheet before I can plan.

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