Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Really really short because I'm sleep depraved

Could not get to sleep last night. Stayed online till 3 am, or actually not online but on the PC trying to get TurboTax to do an amended tax for me.

I knew I had done the math wrong on the Motorola stock cost bases, and was planning on having to pay back my refund, but yesterday Google HR gave me the formula to figure it out, and I actually lost about $30k more than I'd put on my tax form. So both the state and feds owe me big time.

But TurboTax kept wanting to have me do over every form which came after the cost basis form. Finally gave up and will call them sometime soon :-(

In bed it was a lot of not being able to make my brain stop.

Woke up a little after 7, somehow made it to work by 9, but there was nothing to do so I went through all the test cases to see if there were any I could automate. Only found four. Maybe. Worked on verifying fixed bugs instead. 1-on-1 with boss, we went over the 2013 goals. We both know this is BS, because we have no idea what the schedule will be for our next product, and the company is going to change hands Real Soon Now. New company probably has an entirely different HR BS routine.

Home by way of amazon locker, got the argyle socks. Petted the cats for a while.

Got to rehearsals half an hour early, was told no argyle. 

AD went over notes he already had emailed, total waste for me.
SM needs to just shut the eff up. 15 minutes of crap before and I don't know how long after because I left when she got to the "secret santa" part. At least 15 minutes, though.

Home, had the second half of the BBQ pork & duck from Saigon Hong Kong. Too bad the baby octopi were inedible. Overcooked.

Plans for tomorrow:L

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