Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Quiet Day, Mostly

I needed to have a blood test done this morning to check whether my prostate foo was gone, a month after the E. Coli infection. This morning looked like a good choice when I looked at my calendar last week. While I was at it I was also due for my quarterly fasting blood/urine tests. The deal is to not have anything to eat for 12 hours, so I stopped nibbling at rehearsals by 10 pm so I could be bled at 10 am.

Diabolical plan - it let me sleep in about an extra hour.

As usual, parking at Kaiser homestead was miserable, they really need to re-think the traffic patterns there. I did find something, a long walk from the front doors. Took a number at the lab door, #28. The "now serving" sign said #6. I sat down for a long wait, but they had all 5 stations working, so I only had to endure the Obligatory Screaming Infant for about 15 minutes. And then another 15 minutes in line for a chair in the lab because today was National Don't Think For Yourself Day, with people in line not going inside to take the places of people who had left, until one of the phlebotomists yelled at them.  The good news is this meant that by the time I was seated I was #2 on the list.

They only took 3 viles vials of blood, I had already donated some pee in another room.

Usually I have results for most of th tests by now, but today it was a zoo in there, so nothing yet. They PSA (prostate thing) they are not allowed to post online, so it will be in my mailbox in a couple of weeks, and probably my doctor will email me next week with a generic "it's normal" or "call me".

Got to work at 10:30, so not so bad.

Did not do a whole lot at work, but I did manage to justify my existence somewhat. Lunchtime I went to my UPS box and picked up an Amazon package. I had no idea what it could be. Turned out to be 4 Crystal Lite Classic Orange tubes. That will last a while. Had lunch at Ocean Blue, a Japanese overpriced sushi place. I had tempura/beef teriyaki combo. Delicious, but the beef was a little too gristly, and was not completely cut. Awkward when all you have is chopsticks.  Very slow service.

Back at work I think it took me longer to write my weekly report than it did to do the actual work.

After work, straight to Starbucks on Mathilda, via the back roads. No rehearsal tonight.

Will probably have stuffed grape leaves for dinner.

Plans for tomorrow:
2 pm rehearsal at some SJ middle school with the orchestra. The SM has no business being there, and lots of business being at the set shop, but she gleefully announced last night that she would be there anyway. Asshole.
Maybe there will be an after-party at some dive. I would go to that.

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