Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Well, That Was Exciting

Went home yesterday with a cold coming on. Told the boss and emailed the team I would work from home today.

Home, crashed, had something resembling dinner.  Checked email, FB. Grabbed a few Scottish toffees and went to bed at about 10:30. Could not get to sleep. Kaan decided the area just south of the pillows in the center was his. That's where I usually roll over, but that didn't move him.

At about 3 am I got up and took the last of the liquid Nyquil. Was about to shoot up some Afrin when I remembered hsifyppah's rant and checked the expiration date. Last August. Tossed it. Took up the Nasarel (prescription sub for Afrin) but the expiration was not on the bottle, it must have been on the box it had come in. Years ago. Tossed that. Settled for a Breathe-Rite strip.

4 am or so, woke up, popped a toffee into my mouth, laid back down again. Toffee glided into my esophagus.  It had not yet dissolved enough to do that, and was lodged in there.


Fridge, squirted seltzer into a glass, and started drinking. It helped move the toffee down a little, but not enough.

Brain engaged.

Microwaved a coffee cup of water. Added chicken bullion. Sat in the recliner and sipped it. Waited for it to cool down and sipped it again. Much better. One more cup of water, this time with mint tea & honey. That did the trick while I watched a Tivoed episode of Undercover Boss. Fatburger CEO. Portland, OR shyster who scammed his way at 32 years old into a $140 million real estate mogul. Andy Wiederhorn.  In the program he repeatedly says he spent 14 months in jail, but the records say 12. He is so transparent that the first Fatburger he went to the staff recognized him despite his not-gray wig, mustache and glasses. While he was generous with gifts at the end of the show to some employees, it was wildly inconsistent, and showed some prejudice. But I digress.

Back to bed at abut 5:30, turned on he fire/police scanner and was surprised how much traffic there was. Shut it off.

Fitfull sleep, finally up at about 9:30.

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