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It Didn't Take long

I feel completely detoxed from the month+ of Brigadoon exhaustion. Sunday after strike I took back my evening, and Monday's BASFA meeting was refreshing. Tonight I went to Mountain View, Janice's co-subscriber for TheatreWorks was unable to attend so I got to see Being Earnest, a musical adaptation of Oscar Wilde's The Importance of Being Earnest. It was a lot of fun. All-Equity cast, which did not mean all-up-to-snuff. Amazing set by Joe Ragey, excellent small pit band, three out of four of the women were stellar. Algernon (Euan Morton), the main character, has a reedy voice, and was hard to understand at first, but then during one of the songs he remembered the director yelling "enunciate!" at him, and did so for the rest of the show. One man (Brian Herndon) played four small supporting parts, almost well enough to make us think there were two of him. Almost.  Jack (Hayden Tee) was solid, Gwendolen (Mindy Lym) is stunning, and very precise, and got the sexiest costumes. Lady Bracknell (Maureen McVerry) was the ultimate stuck-up socialite mother, she also got some attractive outfits. Cecily (Riley Krull) played the innocent wanting to be corrupted to a T. They only gave her one simple dress to wear, but she filled it out beautifully.  Miss Prism (Diana Torres Koss) was the odd woman out, unconvincing as the strict tutor who has the hots for the minister.

Kelly directed it, and even had I not known that, I would have recognized this from the needless tableau which starts the show.

The musical is very true to the original. I don't know if it is written to be set in 1964, or if that was Kelly's idea, but except for the costumes and Act I furniture, it read as 100 years earlier.

There are easter eggs after the curtain call. Some of them very funny.

Work today got hijacked by a bug which was showing up on my PC but no one else's.

Lunchtime I went to the PO, it was deserted. In and out in < 5 minutes. Time to go to Denny's for lunch and be back early.

Plans for tomorrow:
CHM program with a couple of computer pioneers from SRI.
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