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Work was boring today. 'nuff said.
Lunchtime, UPS store,. picked up a package which was not expected till Tuesday but needed this weekend - a 55-300mm Nikon lens. Will take it to the Thai festival Sunday.

I keep a list of things on Evernote which I want to write about here. Sometimes I remember to read the list.

Thing 1. Programmed Learning
This popped into my head while I was listening Wed nite to those two SRI super-geniuses talk about how important education is.

When my dad moved us to Seattle, it was to become a manager at Boeing. He expected to be an engineering manager, since he had been an engineer for eons, but for some bizarre reason they put him in charge of the computer center facility, and then their office building downtown (Most of Boeing admin was in Renton, Tukwila and Everett). He hated it. But one thing he shared with me was Boeing's series of books on management skills. They were very plain, somewhat large type (12 point or so), and were like no other books I had seen. He said they were Programmed Learning.

The way they worked is there was a page with a Situation written on it. Either on the next page or at the bottom of the page it would say "If you would do X, go to page 77. If you would do Y, go to page 68. If you would do Z, go to 44".  Whichever page you chose would tell you why you were wrong, and have you re-read the original page and guess again. If you were right it would simply continue to another Situation.

My father and I agreed that mostly those answers would not work if we were the employee in the given Situation. We also agreed it was a great format for learning, especially for things like math and physics.

Thing 2. Justin Bieber recently caught a lot of flack from people who seriously need to (a) get a life and (b) take remedial reading classes. The story is the teen idol went to the Anne Frank House Museum in Amsterdam, spent an hour there (longer than most tourists spend), and wrote this in their guestbook:

"Truly inspiring to be able to come here. Anne was a great girl. Hopefully she would have been a belieber."

The way I read this, he was saying he hoped his fans included inspiring, great girls. The key word is "Hopefully".  I see that as a compliment.

Thing 3. I have been enjoying zyzyly's chair photos. And I wonder if he is familiar with one of my favorite soap operas, Love of Chair from The Electric Company. I tried to find a clip online, but it looks like CTW has things locked down tighter than Disney.
And finally, Thing 4, Boston.

How ludicrous is it to shut down an entire city just to find a teenager? How horrible is it for around 100 officers to unload their handguns on a suspect? How does the prospect of that many stray bullets protect the public?  I listened to the barrage on WBZ radio at about midnight my time (3 am in Boston) and it sounded worse than Afghanistan. The reason to outnumber a dangerous criminal 1,000 to 1 is to bring him in alive. Any single trained officer ought to be able to bring down a suspect with a couple of shots to the legs. You know they had snipers in that crowd. But some idiot gave a "fire at will" order, and now we will never really know if the guy they killed really planted those bombs, and if he did, why.

Welcome to The Police State.

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