Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Another quiet day in Paradise

Got to work a little early, did a lot of ad hoc testing of some new video streams. Boss suggested a new routine for automation - instead of us non-programmers learning to code, we could write "pseudocode" and send it to the programmers to implement. So I took one of the tests which I did not want to do the math for and wrote a description of what the code needed to do, and submitted it. According to the database, I was the first. Automation Guy had to leave early, so I'll see what he says about it on Monday. Ironically, Tues-Wed he is giving a class on how to use his tcl harness to write code.

Lunch was at the Round Table Pizza buffet. They set up a good spread, a little more expensive than it needs to be but not by much.

After work a trip to Lucky's got me more Breathe-rite strips and a small pile of frozen dinners. I expect the new microwave tomorrow. For tonight I made chicken/matzo ball soup from a Costco package. Microwave instructions were the usual series of heat, uncover, heat more, let stand. Stovetop was "pour into a cook pot and bring to a boil". :-)

The matzo balls were not as good as the frozen ones, better than the ones in a jar. Lucky's stopped stocking the frozen ones after Passover, I need to make a run to Piazza's for more. Maybe tomorrow.

The cats usually meet me at the door, but not tonight. I found them in the computer room, Kaan curled up on my office chair, Domino curled up under the desk. Staring at each other.

The cats had stopped using the big expensive multi-level cat tree I'd bought when I moved to the new place, and only Domino was using the shorter one which I'd bought for Kaan. The tall one has sisal wrapped posts, which Domino likes, and since Kaan showed a love of clawing the carpet, I bought a carpet-covered one for him. He immediately started using all the sisal posts in the apartment and ignored the carpeted tree except to perch on once in a while. Except when Domino perches there, sometimes he tries to make nice by stretching out to his full height against the carpeted post. He is tall enough to reach Domino, but she hisses at him so he backs off.

So a few nights ago I moved the subwoofer from the left side of the patio door to underneath one of the speakers, and moved the tall tree across the room to where the subwoofer had been. Immediately, Kaan started climbing all over it. He is pwns it now.

More cat territory drama: On the sofa is a round cat bed which Domino spends most of the day curled up in. When I come home, Domino usually moves to the top ledge of the carpeted tree, and lately Kaan plops himself down in the cat bed, which is too small for him to curl up in, and kneads it while staring at Domino.

Watched the Tivo of the NFL draft, but Tivo failed and did not switch to ESPN2 after an hour and a half, instead it stayed on ESPN which was broadcasting the NFL playoffs. Boo. Hiss. I did see Te'o get drafted, that was a hoot.

Also watched the latest episode of Elementary which was annoying because they went into OMGWTFBBQ mode, a reason I don't read mysteries very often. What I mean is the solution to whodunnit was something which the audience was not given even a hint of until it was revealed by the Sherlock. And it's too late now, but naming the pair Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Joan Watson is just WRZONG. (the z is silent).

On the way home from Lucky's I stopped at 7-11 and picked up another case of Fancy Feast from the Amazon locker. How's this for a WTF?: If I order the stuff on a monthly subscription, they (a) don't ship it till 2 weeks later and (b) won't ship it to a locker. But if I pay about 50 cents more for a one-time order, they deliver it in 2 days, and to the locker.  Same stuff from the same source.

Did laundry. Shirts are on the bed in a basket. Jeans & T's are in the dryer, dried.

Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe find a "Fragile" stamp
Maybe do some more car research (more on that later)
Maybe buy frozen matzo balls
P/U the new microwave from the UPS store 
See the musical version of Little Women at Sunnyvale Community Theater. Two of the leading characters are friends.
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