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One-Trick Saturday

I had four items on my list for today:
Piazzi's, buy frozen matzo balls and primo chocolates
Office Depot/Max, buy a Fragile stamp
UPS Store - P/U new microwave
8 pm Little Women musical at Sunnyvale players

What I actually did:
Woke up at 6 because Kaan was digging into my back, trying to get his fetching toy. We played fetch for a few minutes. I went back to sleep.
Woke up at 10, went online and handled all the email and FB/LJ traffic. At 11:15 I started to fall asleep at the computer so I went back to bed
Woke up at 12:30, showered, dressed, did my meds.
Watched some NFL draft, until it was clear that ESPN's pundits were no longer paying attention to the draft as it happened, but instead decided the reason they were in prime seats at Radio City Music Hall was so we could hear them blather to each other, argue, poke fun, and occasionally show film and talk about someone who was drafted 2 days ago. NFL Network also had a draft show, but they did that from ESPN studios, and they made no pretense of following the draft itself, instead showing interviews with players, coaches, players' families, coaches' pet llamas, and Some Drunk Woman On The Street in NYC Wearing a Red Sox cap.

Finally got email from UPS that the microwave was ready to pick up, took my dolly there, got it back home. Took lots of photos of the seriously battered box, the broken foam "protective" padding, the broken foam disk which was supposed to hold the glass turntable in place and keep it intact, and the ding in the side of the unit. Later also saw the side opposite the ding is bent a bit out from the unit.

Bought it for the sensor reheat function. Put four stuffed grape leaves in mint sauce on a paper plate and pushed the button. 10 minutes later it was still cooking, and when I stopped it, the food was one messy pile of slag, and smoke was pouring out. Very angry.

Just when I had gotten most of the burned smell out of the apartment from the last one.

I'll have to report this to Amazon, and see what they say. This monster is too big & heavy to ship back on my dime, and the box and foam lining are not usable. It would cost more to ship it than it is worth.

Thanks to the added excitement, I only had time to do some chores and some reading. Lots of chores. Hang up the laundry I'd run the last 2 days, cut down 3 months' of amazon/mail order boxes and haul them to the dumpster, take out the garbage.

Sunnyvale Players performs down the same road I live on, about 4 miles, so it only took a few minutes to get there, even hitting all the red lights. I picked up my ticket, read from my Kindle by the fountain for half an hour, then grabbed a seat toward the middle of row 3, figuring people would not sit right next to me. When it was too late to move, two whole families parked themselves to my right, with the largest member choosing the seat next to me. This in a theater which was only 1/3 full. Asshole.

Mini-review: I had many friends in this show, and they all did well. One of them completely owned the show. The last time I was on stage with Molly, she was playing Aldonza the kitchen slut in Man of La Mancha. Tonight she was playing the straight-laced, stern, dowager aunt. Quite a range! Unfortunately, her character does not sing.  Also unfortunately, the two main singing roles were played by people who did not have much of a singing voice. All in all, this version of Little Women did not impress me. The only tune I remember is a novelty song done by The Girl Who Dies and The Rich Old Man. The latter was played superbly by a fellow I have not seen before, which is odd because he's about my age and that's a part I might have auditioned for if I wasn't already in a show. Ross Harkness. Looking at his resume, I see why. He mostly performs in the East Bay.

The plot did not speak to me at all, maybe because I have three very different, independent, strong sisters whose lives did not derail when they got married.

At halftime I changed seats to the back row, which was a lot roomier, and actually had better acoustics, probably because of being far from the too-loud orchestra. The orchestra started off out of tune and cringe-worthy, but got it together after a few numbers.

The set was the usual SCP joke. Some boxes, a couple of stair steps, and some furniture was moved to denote a new location. Lighting was overdone, too many changes for what was needed. The audio depended on the cast, they were not miked, and a couple of them needed to be.

Worth seeing for some of the individual performances, but kind of like Brigadoon, not really a show one can relate to.

Plans for tomorrow:

Piazzi's, buy frozen matzo balls and primo chocolates
Office Depot/Max, buy a Fragile stamp
Pay a visit to a Ford and a Honda dealership.
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