Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day Two of Not In Class

Happy May Fools' Day! dot dot dot dash dash dash dot dot dot

One of my favorite team mates came by to try to drag me to class, but I said today's class was on something I could teach better than Automation Guy. Team member said you always learn new things, so I went. Once again, 10 am class did nothing useful till 11, then teacher goes all random through code he has not looked at recently, because most of the snippets he showed said "under construction". When he finally got to the first lab exercise, it was something I had done a 1,000x more complicated version of for him a month ago. So I left.

I kept following the class by monitoring the directory the others were putting their work in, but by the end of the day they had not progressed at all.

Meanwhile I kept trying to make my scripts from yesterday work, but they refused to show up. After the class I showed Automation Guy the problem, and it turned out he had forgotten to build a couple of files in my folder. Turns out a few others had the same issue.

I also took advantage of the quiet to look at a piece of hardware which IT had not gotten around to repairing. It was munged worse than I thought, and it needs a new board. Talked to boss, he had some ideas.

Lunchtime I went to UPS and picked up the replacement for the replacement microwave, but went back to work instead of home with it.

After work, hauled it home, parked the broken replacement into the livingroom, unboxed and set up the new one. It did the sensor reheat thing perfectly. It was packed box-in-a-box, and while the outer box was gently kissed by the business end of a forklift, the inner box was fine and the machine was unscathed.

Went to the Honda place in Palo Alto, they are only open till 8, so it took some time for them to find a salesperson, and she was brand new. We looked at a Fit, and it was very nice except for that crappy navigation system which does not show any street names on the map. It has voice command, but she did not know how to make it work, and I saw nothing obvious.

We were done at 7:47, but they had locked us in already. She had to call on her cell to get someone to open the lot gate.

I really like the car, but that nav system is a show-stopper.

I like the Ford's nav system and voice command system, but the position of the speedometer is a show-stopper. Chevy too.

So I guess I will look at Toyota after all. :-(

Not that I *have* to buy a new car, but I have the $$ and the current car has a decent trade-in amount, which will offset the expense a bit.

May 1, turned over most of my calendars. The Resdkins' cheerleaders, which started out as the finest 15-month one, cheated and put April and May on the same page. Dallas, NY Jets really outdid themselves, Miami went for someone whose main claim to fame is height. And their photog is 2nd rate.

didjiman's panoramic calendar is another winner, this time it's a B&W with very subtle shadow detail hiding a very amusing surprise.

My own calendar has one of my favorites, a tray of oranges and plastic wrapped offerings for the monks at a Thai temple, on a Starbucks napkin.
Plans for tomorrow:
Maybe picnic for lunch. It was 90° today.
Look into Toyotas

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