Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Very Short because almost nothing happened today

Got to work around 9, by 10 I was falling asleep. I tried to wake myself up by doing some tcl programming, but once again the person whose work I was hacking up did not understand it any better than I did, and I found a big showstopper error in  the automation suite. We have something called a "streamer". It takes pre-recorded video files and streams them onto the lab network. The files are usually 5 minutes long or less, the streamer keeps looping till you tell it to stop.

The suite has the wrong IP address for the streamer. It is hard-coded in, I can't change it. :-(

By noon I was so falling asleep I made a big cup of coffee to bolster the effects of the diet Coke. No change. Drove home and took a nap for ab out an hour. That helped.

Back at work more of the same. Took a break to look online at the Mazda3, and saw it was not worth the slog through San Thomas Expressway to see one in person. The nav screen is small and in an awkward location and there is no factory-installed backup camera.

Also looked online at the Ford Fiesta, but it appears to be just a bit too under-powered.

Looks like the Ford Focus is it.

In the mailbox was a check from the IRS for my re-calculated Moto stock losses. It was equal to my first refund, and will go into the New Car Fund. My Google shares sold for slightly more than the estimate from 2 days ago, and that will be a check from a brokerage in a few days. 1/3 of that will go into savings for next year's taxes.

Along those lines, I had been liquidating stock holdings in my IRA, thinking of taking some of that out for the car, but the taxes would be way more than interest on a loan, so I invested most of it into tax-free mutual funds. I'll take the car $$ from my regular brokerage account. That fund is from the losses I took which got me the IRS check.

Dinner was Safeway lasagna with extra Swiss cheese. After, watched Anna May Wong: In Her Own Words from Tivo - very well done. I had donated to the kickstarter.

I was leaning back in the recliner, Kaan ran up my chest and draped himself across the back and started grooming hi,self. And then he stared licking my head. He wouldn't stop till I got up.

Going to bed early tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (1-on-1 with the boss)
Nails? Need to find a new place. The one I've been going to uses cheap acrylic which chips too soon.

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