Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Humps Optional

Went to bed at the very early hour of 11, but did not actually get to sleep until about 1:30. And woke up briefly to look up something on the smartphone. Finally changed the radio to Portland's classical station, which helped.  I had been doing a good job lately of falling asleep to WNEW in DC, but before midnight they have some reedy voices. Or maybe it was just last night.

And that raised a question  which I must look up sometime. I coulda sworn that I grew up listening to WNEW in New York. What's it doing in DC? It's all-news, so I see the hook, but...

Work was more head-banging with tcl language. There was a nice long lunch break, farewell lunch for the (so far) only casualty of the company sale. He was also one of the last people hired, and AFAIK the only sale engineer based in the home office. I had mixed feelings, because he is a nice guy, very experienced and pretty technical, but he did Something Stupid with a customer which impacted me because I had to do the lab test for it. The layoff made sense because the company which bought us no doubt has an SE in place for that region. We went way far away to Milpitas and something Macaroni's, excellent service, somewhat inflated prices, noisier than Chili's, food quality about a 7 out of 10. Italian.

Costco after work to get some staple foods: Payday bars, Kraft Singles, Precious string cheese, croissants, mixed nuts. And a new staple, cashew clusters. It took a long time to find stuff because they had rearranged 3/4 of the store. There's a new dairy room, the whole room is refrigerated. I saw lactose-free milk, so I bought a 3-pack. This meant walking all the way to the other side of the warehouse to grab a 2-pack of Hershey's syrup. I will probably make egg creams soon.

Home, put everything away, got the mail and headed for the Keypoint CU branch which Google Maps claims is next to the new Pinkberry across the street from Trader Joe's. I park, and walk all around that new mall-ette, and the closest I see to a CU is a closed shop which says a barber is moving in soon. Walked out to Toys 'r' Us, and there was the CU, all the way on the other side of the parking lot. It looks new. Deposited the check from the IRS and got some cash back for my trip this weekend.

 Home, cooked up some Green Giant sweet corn in butter and a box of clam strips. Safeway's house tartar sauce is a FAIL. No relish.

Busy next few days coming up:
Tomorrow -Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsal
Friday night - BASFA night at the Giants game
Saturday morning - train to Santa Barbara for National Train Day.
Sunday whale watching cruise
Monday - return train trip to San Jose

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