Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of Thunder

Well, only in the Sierras today, Day of Thor. I miss thunderstorms. I miss counting the seconds between the light and the sound.

The usual boring day at work, except I did help one of my team figure out how to tell if the lab video network adapter was working on his new Win7 computer.

Follow-up call from an admin at Sunnyvale Ford. Told her it'll be a week or two.

Subscribed for a month to online Consumer Reports, and looked at their car write-ups. It is clear they have a whole different set of priorities than me. They gave Ford Focus the worst marks for reliability, based on their psychic hotline prediction of probable malfunctions in the first year, disregarding the next 5 years which appear to be trouble-free or close to it. They may be right, but another WTF is the report is based on about 12 different combinations of Focus models and options. Their review did make me think twice about the hatchback. But I'll leave that for the test drive.

In lieu of lunch I went to the nearby park again. It was deserted. Heard a woodpecker.

Home for an hour, then off to Ye Olde Town Band rehearsals, my first of the year, only the 2nd for the band after 2 cancellations. Concert on the last Sunday of each month. There is a pet parade they will be part of in a couple of weekends. I'll miss the 4th of July concert 'cause Westercon.

Changed the litterboxes (wanted to do this before rehearsals, but the kitties were using them), because a big box with 6 more refills arrived, and it was getting to the point on one of them that Kaan would be thinking outside the box when I'm away this weekend.

Just dumped the last 60 days of readings out of my Hgl meter, and it looks like a bad roller coaster design. Meeting with the diabetes specialist tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Diabetes appt at 11 in MV
Catch the train to SF, BASFA night at the Giants game.
Pack for Santa Barbara

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