Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Friday I'm in Love

Lust, really. More on that later.

Work was boring until 4:45 pm, when boss asked me to replicate a possible bug which one of the engineers found in his code but had not tested on actual machines. Long story short, I did not have the right machines to replicate this, and by the time I was sure of that I had already missed the best train to SF for the Giants' game.

Made the next train, which got me to SF at 7 for a game which started at that time 4 blocks away. It took long time to climb to the top of the ramps where my seat was. The fog had rolled in, in was cold and windy. I bought a hot dog and then headed for "View Reserved Row 13". It was 13 more steep steps up. I got there, and discovered the seat I was looking for was on the other side. Back down, and vertigo kicked in. I was VERY high up, and the stairs are very steep. Instead of going up the other side I bailed. Walked down to the promenade and around to the SRO spaces by the splash section. By now tis the bottom of the 4th inning, and many Giants are hitting the ball. I left the stadium after the 4th run, I think. They scored 6 that inning.

Walked back to the train station, got the 8:40 back south, home by 10. Which is good because I have to pack for my Train Day trip in the morning - be at the station at 9 for a 10 o'clock Coast Starlight (padding because I need to park, get my tickets and a parking pass, put the pass in the car and walk back to the station again).

Oh, about lust. There are more beautiful women at the Giants' game, and in the surrounding neighborhood. The area which was once a shady, dangerous dump is now Yuppie Delight. There's even an upscale bowling alley.
Tags: baseball, basfa, trains

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