Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It Rains, It Pours

Which reminds me, I need to buy some iodized salt. Or does sea salt contain enough iodine?

After many days of BORING! at work, today two emergency major projects needed my attention. Yesterday I had shown Automation Guy that the syntax in his tcl docs was wrong, and by the time I arrived this morning he had found the fix, which turned out to not be about the tcl syntax but SNMP syntax which there is no way to document correctly. You just have to know to add that ".0" to the end of certain commands.

He then made a syntax error which kept the program in an infinite loop. Well, not infinite, just 2,000 minutes.

Before I could fix that, one of my favorite engineers came by and told me I could use his two linked machines to run a test I wanted to do last Friday and yesterday but didn't have a pair of my own machines with the right stuff to link them. It took 20 minutes to update their firmware, then 10 to run the test. And another 15 to write it up.

When I told boss, he reminded me that the results of the test justified a bug I had filed which Engineering zapped as "works as designed".

Lunchtime was Sizzler. They had a special on Steak & Lobster, I decided to splurge. I asked for the steak done medium, they made it well done. It was so small a piece it was not worth sending back.Tasted okay. The lobster was lobster tail, a small-ish one, but cooked to perfection.

Back to work, there was much to be done to the tcl program to make it part of the official automation run, that took the rest of the day.

Straight home, decided I needed to lie down, so I did. And slept for 2 hours, much to my surprise. And almost stayed there.

But I had a Project to do, which needed clothing on my body. First I put the small microwave which smells like smoke into the big box  which had housed the replacement replacement unit, taped it shut, put it on a dolly and motivated it to the dumpster. Next, I dollied out the replacement unit, which only smelled a little bit of smoke, and left it in the recycle section where someone will grab it and have a free almost-working microwave. Or the apartment minions will dispose of it.

Kaan and Domino had been parking on the boxes and the replacement unit (they were in the livingroom). Now I have space for an exercise bike. The apartment has a couple of those in the main building, but that's a block away, and it requires changing clothes and stuff. Now I just need to find an exercise bike.

Plans for tomorrow:
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