Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Music Man

Quiet day at work, except they were re-programming the keycard access and somehow managed to set off the very loud "a door is open somewhere in the building" siren.  It was on for most of the afternoon, with short periods of off. Email explaining what was going on would have been nice, the alarm sounds a lot like the fire alarm.

Continued looking at the tcl docs. Not much else.

Lunchtime I gave a ride to a co-worker to pick up her car from the shop, and stopped at a shopping center which had a Starbucks, a pizza/pasta place and a Japanese place. Japanese place was closed, pizza place was empty except for two employees eating their lunch at the bar. So, Starbucks it was. Love their criossant hot dog.

Home for a bit after work, loaded the baritone into the car and went to band rehearsals. Cruel conductor picked piece after piece with lots of high notes. My lip gave out after an hour. Maybe by the end of the season it will be able to handle the set.

Some of the rehearsing is for the 4th of July, which I won't be at this year on account of westercon66 

We have a concert on the last Sunday of each month May-September.

Got a call from the rep I saw at Sunnyvale Toyota and made an appointment to test drive a corolla and maybe a Yaris on Saturday morning. I'll also make appointments for ford and maybe honda. There is now enough cash n the bank to buy something if I want to.

Plans for tomorrow:
car wash

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