Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Somehow it is still Friday

Slept almost an hour past the alarm this morning, which is good for the uninterrupted sleep but meant I had to rush to get ready for work. I did manage to wander in at a reasonable time.

Spent the morning exploring another tcl command and at least got the thing to run, just without any useful information returned.

Lunchtime was car time. Got the car washed (I expect to have trade-in people looking at it tomorrow), then went to Honda and Ford and made appointments to test drive tomorrow. Larry Hopkins Honda makes me nervous - every time I go there the salesclowns are different, and very tentative, and speak less English than one needs for this job. At Sunnyvale Ford, on the other hand, there is always someone greeting me within seconds. Toyota is almost as good that way.

Next on the way back to the salt mines was a stop at UPS to pick up a package. 15-lb bag of cat food, it came in a box large enough to hold body parts.

Work, MOS.

Home. Had 3/4 of the remaining rack of Costco beef ribs and some cole slaw. Yummy. Domino liked the beef too.

Watched an episode of Elementary and do not like where they are going with it. The mystery is how long Lucy Liu will be in the cast. They have already gone beyond two natural bye-bye points. Also watched an ep of The Mentalist, IMHO a vastly superior show, which is also going somewhat away from its strengths into the realm of soap opera.

Plans for tomorrow:

So the schedule is:
10 am Toyota, Celine is the rep and I'll be test driving a Yaris and a Corolla.
Lunch next
1 pm Honda, if "Max" Koumba from Gabon is there, he may get the honor of having me drive a Fit and a Civic
3 pm Ford, Tim and a Fiesta then Focus.

There's a storyteller meetup at 7 or so I also want to go to.

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