Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

And Then There was the "service" side

Dropped the car off at 8:30 am to have the nav and backup camera installed. They called at about 2 to say they were still waiting for the installers. At about 3:30 they called and said it was done.

6 pm Automation Guy drove me there. 6:15 there was not a single rep in the service offices. There was one rep outside handling the folks who were dropping off their cars. There was one other customer waiting to get her car. 15 minutes later, someone shows up and tries to help me, but the paperwork is nowhere to be found. It's pre-paid, so this should not be an issue.

Another 20 minutes and someone finally shows up with the key and points me to the car, but still no paperwork. I drive off after noting that the backup camera in the vehicle is a cheap piece of crap and not the $800 one I asked/paid for.

They also put the iPod cables in the wrong place (there's actually a space for it in the Corolla), they used the big glove compartment instead. The smaller glove box would have been okay. FAIL.

Had to pull over a few blocks later - they had not completely unfolded the passenger side mirror.
Not much to say about work. More tcl beating my head against the wall. Brought my lunch because no car.

Home, put the cargo bin into the trunk, and then the camp chair and music stand. The trunk is slightly smaller than in the older car, but everything I need to carry in there will fit with room to spare.

Emptied out the bag with all the stuff from the glove compartment. Found many things. I pared it down to what I really needed, and put that in the car.  Found stuff included:

11 pens, a pair of scissors, 4 sets of reading glasses, 3 screwdrivers, 6 Imodium tablets, 30 "forever" stamps, a personalized note pad from when I worked at HP Labs in 1990, two packages of cough drops plus 8 unpackaged ones, a roll of quarters and a plastic spice jar with a handful of quarters in it, needle nose pliers, several expired registration and insurance cards, a bag of about $10 worth of Thai temple coins (for purchasing food at festivals), an audio cable, an Pod cable, a small Maglite flashlight, a telescoping magnetic pickup tool, a tool for prying off the inside car door covers, two rolls of glucose tablets and a bottle of Afrin and a bottle of ibuprofen.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make an unhappy call to the Toyota accessories person about the camera
Maybe take out the garbage
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