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Insert expletives here:

Go ahead. I'll wait.

The day started with me taking out the garbage, and it went downhill from there.

I brought the tcl coding question to Automation Guy. After an hour he had something which looked like it might work. It didn't. I spent the rest of the day finding many other ways it didn't work.

Toyota said they were sending a tech to fix the backup camera somewhere between 10 am and 5 pm, except 1-2 pm which is my lunch hour.

At 12:50 the dispatcher called, and she said the tech was finishing a job in Morgan Hill (half an hour away) and was going to grab lunch and then head my way. Which meant he would be here about the time I was back from lunch. But a hunch told me to not go out for lunch, so I ate Plan B lunch in the break room.

As I was taking the first bite out of my sandwich, the tech called, he wanted to confirm the address. He had been given 6540. The right address is 2450. That first address would have been on the runway for SJC.

Five minutes later he calls again - he's here.

So I gave up having my lunch and went out to give him the keys. He said it was only a matter of connecting a couple of wires, it would not take long. It didn't - I waited in the nice comfy lobby chairs, he was done in 10 minutes. I signed the paperwork and he left. At the same time some of my co-workers came back from their daily walk, so I showed them the display, now with distance lines. Red for too close, amber for caution and green for okay.  Nice lines, but meaningless because the camera is pointed at the ground. If I'm worried about someone crawling under my car, I'm covered. But for stuff behind me, not so much. The mount the camera is in just doesn't work with my car.

We're coming up on the busiest car sales weekend of the year, so I'll wait till next week to complain. I think I will ask them to remove the camera and I'll have one I know works well installed by a third party.

After work I went to the UPS store to pick up a package, which I thought was the B&W photos being returned. But it was a prescription from Kaiser. Only half of the order. Somehow they screwed up and entered the wrong credit card number for the second item. They were ordered together. Crap.

Odd but true, next on the agenda was going to Kaiser to pick up some needles for the insulin pen. I had asked for a change to a thicker but just as short needle (the thin ones bend and break). Waited in line for 15 minutes, they were the wrong needles. She said she would get me the right ones, wait a bit, she would call my name. Never happened. I saw my name on the board and got back in line. Another clerk looked up the order, but he saw the wrong one from last week, which he couldn't find. Fancy that. Finally he checked with the woman who said she would call me, and it turns out the item is out of stock. Crap.

Home, I looked up the needles, figuring I would order them myself from one of the thousands of online drugstores. Turns out nobody makes the larger guage needles in the short size anymore. The long ones don't work with the new pens - the cap won't fit over them. My only choices for short needles were the thin and ultra-thin. Crap.

Stopped off at O'reilly's, bought vanilla scent sticks to get rid of the carcinogen smell, and blind spot mirrors.

Home, it's now way too late to go to Redwood City for Dragon Theater's new play reading, and I am feeling too depressed to go to Baycon. Besides, $30 is a bit steep for a couple of hours. Wanted to see/hear Moira's concert, but was in no mood.

So instead I flopped onto the bed and grabbed the Kindle, and finished Sheri S. Tepper's book,  Shadow's End . This was not, IMHO, one of her better books. She annoyed me greatly from the start by establishing a new world using undefined italicized terms. Some of them never really get defined. There are four main characters who are introduced separately, and by circumstance, happenstance and enemy action all manage to converge in the final chapters. One of the political stands she takes is is things keep going the way they are, all inhabited planets in the galaxy will be stripped of all life forms except people. The closing chapters go totally apeshit about God's Vengence™ for killing off His critters. Piece of crap ending.

Took a nap after that, unintentionally. Woke myself up snoring.

Made some matzo balls with shrimp. Put some Grands in the oven, had one for dessert.

Plans for tomorrow:

Put away the whites which were washed yesterday.
Sexbot 2600 reading at Dragon
Unbox and assemble the exercise bike

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