Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Into The Darkness? Not So Much...

The latest Star Trek was today's entertainment. I've seen a lot of bellyaching online about it, and went in expecting the worst.

My no-spoiler answers to some of the whining:

W. It has no story
You must have been watching Babylon 5. There is a very clear story line, with a couple of sub-plots and a love story.

W. It was all about special effects, which were not that good
You expected maybe a national geographic special? Of course it had a lot of special effects. None of them impressed me, but I did like what they did with the "go to warp" view of the Enterprise.

W. The new actors were like caricatures of the originals.
Not hardly. Each of the main characters did a decent job of acting the parts we know and love.

Having said that, I'll add that physically many of the main characters did not match the originals. Spock is too chubby. Scotty is way too tiny. Sulu is Korean. The Bad Guy is way too tall and his eyes are very not-brown.

OTOH, I think Kirk and Uhura were excellent matches, and Checkov was spot-on. Bones was pretty close, too.

W. Next time they should hire writers
The script was fine. It wasn't Poetry, but there was nothing which was downright stupid, and there were plenty of clever lines.

Speaking of which, there were also a few LOL-worthy sight gags, plays on the previous movies and TV shows.

W. It was all pore-examination close-ups and long shots, no middle shots
Those are pretty much your only options about a ship. They did have mid-range shots in the outdoor scenes.

Bottom line: worth full 3D price (I paid matinée senior price)
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