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Not MyKea

Spent the work day expanding my script to look at 4 video programs instead of just one. tcl's inane syntax bites.

Lunchtime took me to Michelle's Nail Spa, this time I had an appointment. Glad I did, the place was packed. Michelle is a cutie, and runs the place well. There was some serious eye candy at the manicure stations, both giving and receiving.

Next stop was Toyota, I brought Celine (sales rep) a bag of Lindt truffles and one of my 2013 calendars. She was happy to have presents, and we made a lunch date for Thai food Monday. :-)

Rebecca was also there, she promised to look into the refund which had not arrived in my Discover account yet, and I read her palm as I'd promised. I also read Celine's. Simplest of readings, life, brain, heart and travel  lines.

Picked up a package at UPS, the Kenwood backup camera.

Back to work, at 4 there was a meeting with the IT people who are re-designing the lab. We have more equipment coming, and they need to do a better job of managing what we have. We used to have a lab manager of sorts, but he wasn't very organized and was let go when Google bought Motorola.

One of our team has a talent for making meetings last longer than they ought to by about 50%. :-(

Left work with one last try at today's code running. To be continued.

Home after work, measured the hodgepodge of plastic drawers which are in the office closet. Time to organize that stuff better, and get new containers which are not bent under their own weight. They have moved so many times...

In the drawers are mostly tools, printer paper (T-shit press-ons, biz card blanks, greeting card blanks, labels, etc.) and office supplies. The bottom drawers of the two cabinets have heavy tools, and are very hard to open.

Went to Ikea, and found nothing in their top floor room displays, while I was up there I had dinner - Swedish meatballs. Went downstairs and found some not-quites. Either they were too wide or the drawers were mesh. Not good to store screwdrivers, nails and such.

Home, went online, Walmart has some possibles. I may head there this weekend. Depends on logistics.

The plan is to call Audio Designs and try to make an appointment for Saturday morning to get the current camera uninstalled and the new on installed. If that doesn't happen I'll shop instead. Avenue Q at Bus Barn Theater Saturday night.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call Audio Designs
Call Rebeccah, tell her the refund finally showed up
CalTrain to Redwood City for round two of Sexbot 2600 at The Dragon
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