Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Short Day

Work saw some progress on scripting after initial head-banging. Went out to the car at lunchtime, drove a few blocks. It was 85° and I wasn't hungry so I just turned around after a mile or so and came back. I was planning on leaving early.

Which I did.

But first, I called Toyota to let them know the refund showed up in my Discover account, and called Audio Design and was able to make an appointment to get the Kenwood backup camera installed.

And got to the train station in time for the train before the one I had planned on. This one, as it turned out, was an express between all the non-express stations, and passed Redwood City without stopping. I got off at San Carlos, walked through the tunnel to the other side of the tracks, and in 18 minutes caught the next train south, next stop Redwood City. I think I still got there sooner than if I'd waited for the second northbound train.

Dinner at Fishes Wild again, short ribs again. Tried to order it with only one side of salad, they had no way to do that apparently and delivered a double serving of salad. Yummy ribs!

Walked across the street to the bakery, but they were out of the best desserts so I just walked to the theater.

Got there a wee bit early, maybe 10 minutes, and ran into Meredith, the theater owner and long-time friend. Strange seeing her as a blonde - I like her better as a redhead, Oh well.

Saw the second reading of Sexbot 2600 which started 15 minutes late because there was a festival next door and parking was a bitch. Glad I took the train.

Much bigger house than last time, so the feedback session was more interesting. The playwright had made a lot of changes, most of them improvements, most of them based on feedback from last week. The changes pointed up what still needs work. But it's pretty much ready for prime time. I'm planning on going a week from Sunday for the final reading.

Plans for tomorrow:
Drop off the car at 10 am
Bus to the mall/Santana Row and hang out
Pickup car late afternoon
Avenue Q at Bus Barn in Los Altos at 8
Tags: car, review, theater, work

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