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A short day. Up till 2 am I didn't wake up till 9:30. Changed the litterboxes, vacuumed the Astroturf® they sit on. Made breakfast - scrambled eggs with ham - and soon it was almost 1 pm, time to refuel the car for the first time* and drive to Redwood City for the play reading mentioned in the previous post. This time the theater owner stayed for the show. On my way I stopped at my favorite RC cafe/bakery for one of these:

and notices a "Shut Up And Write" meetup sign at the next table. Two people were at their laptops, and a couple of people at other tables appeared to be writing too.

After the show, I drove to the other side of the railroad tracks and set up the laptop at Starbucks, and wrote my Avenue Q review.

Home, took the litterbox cartridges to the dumpster, made dinner (frozen chicken-fried steak) and wrote the Almost Happy review.

Plans for tomorrow:
Phone Audio Designs and let them know their work is not done. The camera is supposed to scroll through 4 views, it only does 2. Probably something not wired correctly.
Lunch with Celine from Toyota

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