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Busy-ish day

Work was the usual. Lunchtime I drove out to McCarthy Ranch Walmart and bought 3 5-drawer units to replace what is in the closet and broken. Got them home, it is the same set of drawers as 2 in the closet and the same brand as the 3rd set in there.
After work got a haircut at Great Clips, then went across the street and picked up a second set of pet steps.

Home, hauled all that plastic (in 2 trips) into the apt, set up the steps on the opposite side of the long computer room window. Domino sniffed at it, cli,bed it, and walked across the sill to hiss at Kaan who was about to climb up the original steps. FAIL.

I may get around to the closet drawers. Probably not tonight, for no apparent reason. I need to take the cat carrier and a chair and a couple of bags of paper plates out, then pull all the drawers out, pull out the frames and then put the new ones in and fill the drawers. Pretty much a 1-for-1 swap. The weight of the stuff in the drawers over time warped the frames and the drawers and they don't pull out easily now.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, much has been posted about Hugh Daniel. His housemate says it was a heart attack while housemate was out  in the afternoon. I am reminded that the way I met him was at a Stuart II party, Edith was his date. She had a collection of fun, smart, geeky guys, and she added me by the end of the party. This makes the second of that group who are no longer with us, and both are a huge loss.

And on the opposite side of the fence, today is my oldest younger sister's birthday.

At her son's wedding, October 23 2011. Which happened to be my late Dad's birthday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Work (1-on-1)
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