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Another boring day in paradise. I took some time to look at rental prices online at a couple of places located a bit closer to shopping. This because I got my lease notice, and they want $200/month more. everyone is asking even more than that. Insane! I don't want to move, but I don't want to pay such outrageous rents either.

Work was more boring stuff. Had my 1-on-1 with boss, who just won't give up on this "everyone's an automation engineer" push. Gag me.

Lunchtime I went to the Thai place, Old Siam, which I had hoped to take Miss Toyota to Monday. Nice place, a ton of very Thai-patriotic stuff on the walls. Photos of the king, his dad (a Boston physician), and kings Mongkut and Chulalongkorn of The King and I fame. On the wall nearest my table was a pretty carved wooden sign with said something like "We Be Thai".  I had the   PAD MA MUANG HIMAPAN lunch combo. First they bring a small cup of soup, this was broth with chunks of American veggies cooked in it. Tasty but not Thai. The main course, a scoop of white rice and a salad were on the same plate, the salad being also not-Thai, and not helped by the warm plate and the hot liquid from the main dish. Main dish and rice were great. I also had their coconut ice cream which was superb. The waitress caught on right away when I ordered Thai iced tea in Thai.

Service was good at the start, but fell apart a bit when it was time to pay. Not enough to reduce the tip, though. Lots of stuff on the menu, I'll have to try this place for dinner.

It's after work, I'm at the nearest to apartment Starbucks. There were some gorgeous women in here for a while, but it's coming up on closing time so none are left. Time for me to go home too.
Plans for tomorrow:
??? No YOTB rehearsal till next week.

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