Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Vigorous Day

I went to sleep at 11:30, woke at 12:30 and then again at 1:30, and could not put down the idea of going online and renewing my driver's license half a year early. And while I was there trying to find out if my new car is registered with my HOWEIRD plates yet. Turns out DMV only allows online license renewals if you have received the notice. Which I won't for a couple more months. Could not find anything about my car.

Did some database searching at work and identified a handful of test cases I might be able to write tcl scripts for, and went about doing so. The first one was a bust, there's no procedure for stopping a "top" command once it has been started. The second one, which is one of a set of 6, made much better headway, but I need Automation Guy's help to parse the results and he has taken a 3-day weekend.

We had a class in how to set up the new ad server, from a company called Vigor. I left at the 1-hour break with about 5 minutes of useful information. So many conversations going on at once, and the presenter mostly unprepared for interruptions. Not entirely his fault. I got enough, I think, to figure the rest out on my own.

Lunch in there somewhere, Pizza buffet at Round Table. Took a risk and tried a slice of Hawaiian, and was surprised that the warm pineapple did not make me want to hurl. Yesterday I ate some broccoli, but that experiment did not go as well - the stuff still tastes to me like those plastic aquarium plants.

Straight home, promised myself I would make the closet drawer swap. Which I did. But there was on Attention To Detail snafu. I had bought three sets of 5-drawer units of the same make as what was in the closet. When it came to swapping, what I actually had in the closet were two 7-drawer units and a 3-drawer unit. 5x3=15 (7x2)+3= 17. Luckily some of the contents of the drawers did not take up much of the drawer, so I was able to consolidate.

So now I have drawers which actually open and close in frames which don't pop apart.
Today's spooky coincidence goes like this:
Early this morning, when the DMV experiment failed, I pulled out from my travel shelf the booklet Peace Corps gave our group when we got to Bangkok, which had all our photos, names, addresses, a short bio, and what PC project we were in. I tried looking up some of the folks online (I have 3 FB friends already, two email connections and two LinkendIn connections, out of 30 volunteers and about a dozen staff). I found no one new. Putting the booklet away, a big brown envelope with PC Thailand return address shouted "hey, look inside!" Inside were two things:
A faded thermal copier version of a 20-page letter from my dear friend and fellow photog MZig, describing his 1976 bicycle circumnavigation of Scotland; and a 1-page letter and several page job description from Bill Beery, who was the Health/Higher Ed manager for Peace Corps/Thailand, telling me I was being transferred to the jungles of the south.

This morning, one of my PC FB friends sent me a message asking if I knew Bill Beery, who apparently now lives in Seattle, but is in the hospital ICU after a serious fall and head bump. This is the first time I have heard his name since Peace Corps.

Plans for tomorrow:
Train to Redwood City, see the final (and for me first) reading of The Killing Jar

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