Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

It's after 1 am and I have a headache so this will be short

Work: Amazing but true I finished the very complex tcl program which I thought would take me most of next week. So next week I get to adapt that to another 6 test cases.

Lunchtime was at the Country Inn, which is the only business at the south end of a huge shopping center which used to have an Albertson's and a Walgreen's. Albertson's closed years ago, Walgreen's moved to the main drag a block from the center. Banana nut pancakes were great, so was the clam chowder. I suspect this place has a bulldozer in its future. They are pretty much down to just a breakfast menu with a handful of lunch specials.

After work the clam chowder hit, I think it was the lactose. I just barely made it back to the office/restroom in time. Turned out okay, less time waiting for the train.

Went to Dragon Theater in Redwood City and saw the one play workshop piece I had not seen yet. This was their third reading, and the cast was by far the most talented of the three, and it was also the best written. Powerful dialog all the way through. The story: a Sweet Young Thing budding artist wrangles the job of going to the Philippines to convince a reclusive American ex-pat art legend to (a) give her some of his works to display at the 1962 World's Fair in NYC and (b) convince him to take her on as an apprentice. The artist has all the charm of a pit bull. His agent thinks the art is lame, and is only there because the artist once saved his life. Other characters are a farmer/handyman/gopher and a farmeress/maid/cook who both live in the house.

The woman playing the SYT gets whiny on what should be her most powerful lines, but other than that no complaints about the cast. Lots of powerful dialogue, quite a few clever quips and snide remarks which most of the audience did not get. And a lot that they did.

The feedback session was again started off with odd questions for the audience. Unlike the last two shows, the director did all the talking and the playwright was mostly silent.

Rushed to make the 10:28 train, but didn't have to. The station is a lot closer now that I know the shortcut.

Home at 11-ish, then remembered there were two packages waiting for me at the 7-11 Amazon locker. A Kacey Musgraves CD (thanks for the tip, susandennis) and the re-boot version of Logitech's internet radio, now called Logitech UE Smart Radio. First impression: better software, but in the kitchen it still blanks out when the microwave is on.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bring the car to the Audio place to have them fix whatever connections are wrong on the backup camera
Pick up the B&W negatives and the DVD of scanned stuff from my Peace Corps days
(I had my slides done, but those were all a jumble. The B&W negs were all stored in folders made for that purpose, one roll at a time, marked with the month, roll # and year)
Maybe see a movie.

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